Mac Owners Now Have Unfair Advantage In Home Business

November 1, 2008 in Tips and How To (E)

[] Ozark, Missouri - MacInfopreneur(C) Millard Grubb has given Macintosh computer owners an unfair advantage when it comes to making money in their home business.

"I started with the Mac SE 30 years ago making flyers and promotional pieces for my entertainment business, so, from almost Day One, I was able to make some cash from my Mac," explains Millard Grubb.

"The Mac is the perfect entrepreneur's tool, right out of the box, to create cash. You can have an idea in the morning, create a product in a couple of hours, then start making money off of it. The Mac gives almost anyone the ability to create useful products that can be sold over and over again," Millard continues.

Millard Grubb wrote his first book in 1992. Then wrote another book for the entertainment industry that has been sold entirely on the 'Net. Millard has also created several audio products and manuals that are sold electronically almost exclusively on the 'Net as well.

Millard shares his experiences with a new subscription e-course called The MacProfit Business System(C). In the course, Millard shares stories of what he has done with his Mac as well as point readers to tools and sites that help the business-minded entrepreneur who uses a Mac.

Millard explains that since he has used a Mac for so long, the focus is on Mac tools for the entrepreneur. Making money with your Mac? It just got easier.

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