How to get iPhone 4s with lower price or even for free

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[] Los Angeles, California - announces, If you were anything like the rest of America last week, then you were waiting with bated breath as Apple announced their new cell phone. It was the first offering from the new CEO Tim Cook, the man expected to carry on the legacy of Steve Jobs, so everybody knew that their first product announcement had to be a winner. And even though it wasn't the iPhone 5 that everyone wanted and expected, the iPhone 4S is no slouch.

Although the iPhone 4S is far from a revolutionary product, it is definitely an evolutionary product with many impressive enhancements over the iPhone 4. The new iPhone has a faster processor, which will allow more apps to be run at the same time. The camera on the new phone is also much more precise than any of its previous iterations, rivaling the resolution of some standalone digital cameras. But perhaps the most impressive enhancement has to be the new voice recognition application in the iPhone. Not only can this application recognize commands given to it, but it can also answer questions and provide information based on its applications such as suggestions for dress in the weather or forgetting your keys on the dresser.

The top-of-the-line 64 MB iPhone will run consumers $399 if it is bought with no discounts or traded in phones. This is not chump change for many people, especially in the recessionary economy faced by many Americans today. However a great way to save money on the new iPhone has always been to sell iPhoneaccessories or simply trade in iPhone .

You can trade in your old iPhone for cash at the technology web site called Not only will you be helping the earth by recycling your old cell phone, but you will also be helping yourself by getting cold hard cash that you can use towards the purchase of a brand-new iPhone. Also, when the iPhone five comes out next year, you'll be a great position to own that phone at a discount as well.

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