Getting Things Done with Ready-Set-Do!

April 23, 2007 in Project Tracking (E)

[] Ready-Set-Do! comprehensively integrates all of your files and programs into David Allen's popular GTD(R) ("Getting Things Done") productivity method without locking you into a particular software program or application. This approach helps you put everythingâ€"independent of application or formatâ€"into a system that you trust and review regularly. Ready-Set-Do! streamlines your workflow through the most reliable element in your digital work environment: your Mac's file-system. Twenty years from now, when productivity applications have come and goneâ€"and users have their precious productivity material locked into a file format that is no longer supportedâ€"Ready-Set-Do! users have peace-of-mind, knowing that their data will always be accessible to them. Why? Because Ready-Set-Do! works with file names; and file names are accessible years down the road in a way that data stored by software applications is not.

What can you expect? Expect to get things off of your mind immediately by using the "Empty Your Head" script that conveniently places items into a newly created folder on your desktop called "Inbox". Expect to get your stuff processed quickly with the "Get Inbox to Empty" script that coaches you through the relevant questionsâ€"What is it? Is it Actionable? What's the next, physical action to move it forward? Expect to gain better focus and efficiency by processing your actionable tasks by location contexts. Just choose the "Get Some Actionables Done" script and pick your current location. Are you online? Then process all of your @Online tasks. Are you at the office? Start working through your @Office tasks. No sense looking over a list of tasks you can't do because you are in the wrong place. Expect to start feeling like everything you've got on your computer is exactly where it needs to beâ€"because it is! And expect to be much more productive.

Though you can begin using Ready-Set-Do! immediately, mastering the entire program involves a steep learning curve. This is because it is a comprehensive implementation of the GTD productivity method, not simply another list manager. For example, the program includes a "Get Clear on Projects" script that will audibly coach you through identifying all of the outcomes and standards for a project along with its actionable components. At first, defining all of these elements seems tedious, but over time users begin to see how defining all of these components on the front-end and reviewing them regularly provide the motivation to carry the project through to completion. Ready-Set-Do! is thus not immediately intuitive, but for those with the patience to stick with it, the payoff is immense.

This added processing/coaching component of Ready-Set-Do! is what sets it apart from the many other GTD applications available for the Mac. To truly implement the GTD method, one has to learn a system of operation and change inbred habits. Included with Ready-Set-Do! are three Quicktime tutorials that walk users through each phase of that change until they have mastered all 10 of the GTD "Habits". Mastering these habits does not happen over night and may take months to completely master. But Ready-Set-Do! makes it easy to hone in on each habitâ€"to spend time mastering each oneâ€"until you achieve the ultimate level of focus and flow all GTDers are aiming for: what they describe as "mind like water".

Most of the GTD implementations on the market are more or less list managers that utilize GTD terminology. But lists have the downside of encouraging the mind to stay in review-mode by comparing the items in the list. Though Ready-Set-Do! allows you to see your tasks and projects as lists, the scripts also have the added advantage of helping you focus on one element at a time, forcing you to deal with each item, and asking you the appropriate GTD questions. It's repetitive, but eventually, you realize that looking at lists is not the same as dealing with the items on them. Using Ready-Set-Do!, you will actually get things done!

In summary, Ready-Set-Do! helps you focus on one thing at a time. It uses the Mac's file-system, and so it works with every application and file on your computer. And it offers audible coaching through the GTD habits. Ready-Set-Do! is not just another list manager, but a very unique and comprehensive implementation of the GTD method that helps users really get things done.

The demo version of Ready-Set-Do! is available as a free download; the official version costs $19.95. The latest version also adds new functionality. There is support for international date formats, a bookmarking feature for reading, and an "instant vertical focus" component that allows you to view higher-level outcomes connected with individual tasks. It also integrates with iCal or whatever other calendar program one chooses to use. For more information or to try the free trial of Ready-Set-Do! see the links below:


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