The Wages of Cine: "Wages" is Now Free Worldwide

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[] Chicago, Illinois - TimeCode Mechanics announces five years ago Apple launched "Apple TV", a set top module that would allow people to stream video from their computer to their TV sets. While others pondered what it meant Nathyn Masters jumped on the opportunity. He presented "Wages of Sin" a no-budget action film to Apple fans. "Wages" became the first indy film created specifically for Apple TV and iPod users alike. But even though many bought it from other sites it never officially got in the iTunes store. But now the whole movie is on YouTube ready to be broadcast into your home for free via your Apple TVs and piped directly into your living room or onto your iPods or iPhone.

"It's been an uphill battle to get this thing out there," says Masters, "With so much content out there indy filmmaking isn't what it used to be, but at least there's an audience now who loves the kind of stuff I do." This year YouTube has been experimenting with "verified accounts", letting people go beyond the fifteen minute limit with by using phone verification. This has allowed Masters and others to show off their wares.

Currently Masters is shooting his third movie, his first to be shot in HD, a horror based action movie called "Epitaph: Bread and Salt". Centered around characters from an upcoming series of comics the film is set to be the "issue zero" for the books. The Epitaph story features world dominating cults, deadly vampires, neo-nephilim, a clairvoyant zombie hooker, classic superheroes and a reluctant demon hunter named Victor Locke, who will be played by Masters himself in the film.

"Epitaph" is being produced by "Motor Home Massacre" producer Christopher Free and award winning indy filmmaker John H. Rogers III and is currently in production in the Chicago Edgewater and Downtown areas.

To back the "Epitaph" project Masters has also launched a massive campaign on crowd funding site Indiegogo, seeking $300,000, one of the largest fundraising campaigns ever for a project of this nature, but Masters says, "The worst that can happen is I don't get anything. If I don't put it out there, I know I won't get anything." While he's seeking many things, His major post-production upgrades are largely Apple centered including a Macbook Pro, Final Cut Pro X among other Apple software packages.

As a double whammy, Masters is also writing the whole line of Epitaph comics and is also drawing the "Epitaph: Abiding Liltih" series, which he says the next Epitaph film will be based on. The first issues are available from the Night Phoenix Press website.

TimeCode Mechanics is a Mac-centric independent film company based in Chicago. Copyright (C) 2011 TimeCode Mechanics All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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