The Developers of WebReader are Preparing an Android Version

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[] Bucharest, Romania - Soft Artists announces WebReader, the successful rss-reader for desktop, has already a mobile version, for Playbook, and the developers are working on an Android version which will be released soon. The state of the art code and the clean and fresh look made WebReader one of the most popular rss-readers, gaining fast a huge number of fans.

As you may already know, WebReader is a very powerful cross-platform rss-reader software. The desktop version uses Adobe Air, so it works on Windows, Mac and Linux. The best thing about it is that is totally free. It doesn't need any sign-up, as it uses the information with your Google account. There is no "paid" desktop version, so the user practically gets all the features in one small and fast install.

Mashable editors wrote - "Genius Idea: Adding style and simplicity to Google Reader".

So basically this software takes the feeds from the user's Google Reader account and displays it in the best possible way.

The mobile version of the WebReader will offer to its users the same advantages as the desktop one:
* Users can subscribe to the feed of their favorite websites, including papers, news papers, discussion forums rss, other rss feeds and so on
* There is an "offline mode" so, once loaded, the user can read the news even when not connected to the internet
* As long as they are logged in their Google Account, there is no need to spend time to log in, as WebReader will take its required info from the Google account used
* Users are also offered instant alerts, free of charge, directly on their display
* Even though the visited website isn't optimized for its mobile visitors, the WebReader displays the page properly, so users can beneficiate of a clean view
* As the desktop version is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux, it's expected that there will be a version for every other mobile operating system
* Depending on their needs, users can adjust the size of the font
* Another interesting feature is the "search", with relevant results only from RSS-enabled sites

The BlackBerry mobile version is a huge success, climbing fast in the top 3 most purchased applications in Blackberry's Playbook app store. With the state of the art code behind the pretty looks, the mobile WebReader uses just a fraction of the memory used by its competitors, is much faster and saves a lot of battery. The developers did a great job in making it also secure, by using the oAuth protocol to log in to Google.

The good reviews coming from the users and the good grades from the review sites convinced the developers that they need to release versions for more platforms.

Soft Artists Ltd - the software house that created WebReader is currently working on an Android version and promises all the features currently available on desktops on the most popular mobile operating system.

The Beta Testers of this new Android version are extremely happy with the new product and they can't wait for the final version.

You can download the desktop version right from the WebReader's website.

Based in Bucharest, Romania. Soft Artists Ltd - the software house that created WebReader is a group of innovative young people who aim to bring good quality, fast and beautiful software on any platform available. Copyright (C) 2011 Soft Artists Ltd All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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