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[prMac.com] Fernandina Beach, Florida - From archiving software pioneer David Gottlieb comes a new app for the iPhone and iPad called F.A.M.P (Find and Archive My Property) - Archive Assets & Organize Property Details, and if you want to ensure that you are never in a situation in which you are unable to find or prove ownership over a commercial or residential property, or a valuable item, then this new app - available now at iTunes for $1.99 USD - is the app for you. Find and Archive My Property, or F.A.M.P - Archive Assets for iPhone is an innovative app which empowers the owners of property and valuables to be able to find their possessions and provide evidence of ownership in the event of a dispute, a life changing event or a natural disaster.

F.A.M.P - Archive Assets allows users to easily record, organize and store evidence of ownership for documents, property, assets and valuables - thereby empowering users with the confidence of knowing that, no matter the severity of a natural disaster or the frequency of evidence misplacement, their property will be protected by ownership evidence that is available at all times. Being able to provide evidence of ownership is more than crucial when it comes to property and valuables, and the ability to store and find documents is also critical when it comes to insurance, medical and marital issues and disputes.
Although F.A.M.P - Archive Assets is intended to provide assistance in archiving items and documents that provide proof of ownership in response to misplacements, sudden life changes and natural disasters, it is not all gloom and doom. Of course, there's nothing gloomy about being able to prove, without the shadow of a doubt, that your $50,000 jade necklace is, in fact, a family heirloom that belongs to you! But, to further make F.A.M.P - Archive Assets an interactive and enjoyable application, it also features a "HOT and COLD" game that is fun for individuals or to play with family and friends.

"Obviously this app is critical for anyone who understands the importance of being able to find items and provide proof of ownership in response to a variety of situations, but we wanted to give it a fun element, as well," said creator, David Gottlieb. "The Hot and Cold game allows family and friends to participate together, with everyone competing to find a pictured item, which is displayed on F.A.M.P's clean, easy to grasp interface. The HOT and COLD game offers something of a virtual scavenger hunt, and it is, quite honestly, just a hoot. We had a ton of fun developing this game, and we can see from reviews that users of this app appreciate F.A.M.P's combination of critical utility and light-hearted fun."

The app comes replete with a variety of features to make item location and property description a breeze, and an archive calendar keeps you up-to-date on where your items are, right now, and when you last made notations regarding a valuable item, property or document. Inventory photos, which can be used in a fun manner when playing the HOT and COLD Game, ensure that there is no confusion when you archive your most valuable possessions, heirlooms, documents and items. Don't ever get caught, again, unable to provide proof of ownership!

App features:
* Archive calendar
* Inventory photos
* Track Back feature
* Value estimator
* HOT and COLD game
* Easy and intuitive interface
* Comprehensive property/item descriptor

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad2
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later
* 3.9 MB

Pricing and Availability:
F.A.M.P - Archive Assets & Organize Property Details 1.1 is available for download in the iTunes App Store for just $1.99 USD.

Mobile software developer David Gottlieb is a testament to the power of emerging technologies and the opportunities, therein, for lone innovators to create new, exciting and purpose-driven mobile applications to be made available to the masses. Currently - along with developing mobile applications for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch - Gottlieb is a FINRA Dispute and Resolution Arbitrator for the SEC, and has previously worked in secondary education as a teacher, as a VP of a major brokerage firm, as a developer of recruiting software for higher education, and as President of a successful manufacturing company. Having such a broad workplace experience, centered around software innovation and financial expertise, Gottlieb leverages his comprehensive understanding of various systems and strategies to create purpose-driven mobile applications that solve problems for people within all realms and walks of life, such as the highly-rated evidence of ownership app F.A.M.P. - Archive Assets for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Copyright (C) 2011 David Gottlieb. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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