Press Release Acqualia announces Picturesque - Beautify images with drag and drop Apr 24, 2007 in Software Acqualia today announced the release of Picturesque, a brand new "drag and drop" style app designed to make images look gorgeous for the web. [] With tasteful effects like reflections, glows, shadows, curves, soft fades and strokes, Picturesque adds a final touch to your images that will leave visitors to your site impressed. Picturesque can also beautify images in batch, and with the ability to resize and apply effects on a whole folder of images, Picturesque is an an easy way to make sophisticated thumbnails and refined full sized images. Picturesque is available today for a free download, and is priced at $19.50. The only limitation before registering is a watermark on saving. Acqualia is an Australian software company that produces useful and beautiful consumer software for the Mac. Contact Information: ### Zac Cohan Owner