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[] Berlin, Germany - AppBC today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of touchAble 1.3, a new version of their popular iOS controller for Ableton Live. The app has been gaining a lot of attention since its release in september 2010 - giving Ableton Live Users an alternative to tedious MIDI Mapping and controller stacking. The developers have constantly improved touchAble with free updates that introduced new features and controls - and 1.3 is no different.

touchAble 1.3 contains over 30 new features and changes, such as a loop and beatjump section, enabling anything from CDJ style mixes to creative loop manipulation, a completely rebuilt mixer that allows users to modularly choose the controls they need - complemented by the long awaited crossfader. 3 new native templates have been added: Auto Filter, Ping Pong Delay & the very first Instrument - Impulse - and are waiting to be tweaked. The new Settings Menu not only offers a cascade of new control-options - but also simplifies the connection process by adding Bonjour support.

Combined with its strong integration in Live, its six different modules (Clip grid, Mixer, Devices, Keys, Pads, XY Pad) and two command menus (Clip & Transport) touchAble 1.3 covers nearly every control element of Live's session view.
touchAble opens up a wide range of creative performance techniques beyond the typical knobs and faders paradigm. It takes a musical and seamless approach to controllerism, with all areas of the interface carefully designed and optimized for intuitive and efficient touch-screen operation as well as Ableton Live workflow. In short - it makes your Live Session finally touchAble.

Ableton Live 8 users who want to get the best of their favorite DAW have to think of an iPad with touchAble instead of a traditional hardware controller. touchAble is supported by many musicians, producers, performers, DJs, engineers and composers around the world, using touchAble on stage or in studio. As with the previous updates, touchAble 1.3 is free of charge for owners of touchAble and includes great changes / new features:

* Added Loop menu to clip module. Do loops on the fly - on whole tracks or on already prepared loops. think Traktor looping - Keep loops that you like
* Added keep loop feature which allow you to save the new loop made as new clip
* Added beatjump / loopjump menu to clip module. Do beatjump / loopjump of a set size in the currently playing clip of a track
* Track header buttons in the clip module now function as 'jump to active clip' buttons. For group-tracks they allow to fold and unfold the tracks

Completely rebuilt mixer:
* Added crossfader to mixer
* Added A/B control to mixer
* Added support for as many sends as you like name of the send tracks are now displayed
* Added possibility to show as many faders at once as you like - and you can decide which
* Added the possibility to control return tracks the same way you can control normal tracks
* Added "+" mode to fullscreen for double length faders for precision tasks
* Added snap mode to mixer

* Added velocity sensitivity mode to drum pads

* Added Impulse native template
* Added Auto Filter native template
* Added Pingpong Delay native template
* Track Header buttons in the Device Selection View will switch Lives view to the device chain of the respective track.

* Snapshots will be saved with saved templates of XY pad now
* After morphing / playing / stopping snapshots the dots will not be affected by gravity till touched

* Added support for 4 iPads
* Added possibility to link several ipads and setting their relative positions
* touchable will prefer a wired connection if available (MyWi etc.)
* Design & layout changes throughout the app
* Added 16 tracks mode
* Triple quick taps on relative faders will: bring the fader to max value if it is done on top of the fader, bring the fader to the exact middle value if you tap around the middle part, and bring the fader to 0 value if you tap on the bottom part
* Finally touchable will connect via Bonjour - tests show that almost no setup is needed to connect

New Settings:

Lock navigation in Clip grid - On / Off:
* If enabled, clips will start immediately after touching - but you won't be able to scroll in the clip grid

Slide Clips to launch in Nav Lock Mode - On / Off:
* Makes it possible to slide e.g. a row of clips in different tracks to start them

Always Open Device View 8 - On / Off:
* If enabled, devices will always show the FX8 view instead of switching to FX32 for devices with more parameters

Relative Crossfader - On / Off:
* Same as relative faders elsewhere - just for the crossfader

Hide Mutes - On/Off:
* If enabled, mutes are hidden from the view

Max Shown Controls for 2/4/8/16 tracks mode (0-8, 0 being disabled):
* You can set the maximum amount of controls shown per channel in each of the different sizes. When changing size the mixer will automatically show/hide faders depending on your preference.

* Link iPads - On / Off:
* Enables or disables automatic following of secondary iPads

* Arm / exclusive arm fixed
* Numerous fixes for smaller issues / crashes / performance improvements

Device/System Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad 1st and 2nd generation
* Requires iOS 3.3 or later
* Ableton Live 8.2.2 minimum/ 8.2.6 highly recommended
* Mac OSX 10.5 and above or Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
* touchAble server (downloadable for free)
* 4.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
touchAble 1.3 is $24.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Music category. The update is free for previous owners.

AppBC is a iOS applications developing company based in Berlin, Germany. Copyright (C) 2011 AppBC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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