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[] Shenzhen, China - Remove-DRM Studio introduces Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. When computers have become more popular and affordable, it takes an increasingly important task in our lives. More than one users to use one computer is a very common thing. However, it's terrific that your media could be scattered among a group of computer users as they are easy to access to. That's the exactly the situation I faced. Some of my cherished videos are lost or damaged by someone who use my PC, I can not figure out who made those videos disappeared. It's too terrible to face this thing. So I wrote this article to help whoever have faced the similar situation as me.

Gathering media files:
First of all, you should gather all the cherished media files together from various folders. Usually, I grab videos, photos, audios files and put them on a single hard drive that renamed as "My Media". And then put all the video files in one folder, named "Videos", and photos in another folder with name "Photo", and so on. This is fresh category and easy to find out what you need.

Converting movies on AVC freeware:
If you have several of videos on PC, either download free or purchased, you would figure out that the formats of these videos are different, such as wmv, avi, mpeg, mov, m4v, mkv and so forth. Different video formats can be played on different players, as we know, RealPlayer can work with avi, flv and mpeg4; mov video can be available with QuickTime.

I have faced this problem too, and now I have resolved it. With Any Video Converter Freeware, you can convert these movies to the plain format, and then play them on your devices.

If you are Windows user, this freeware is the best choice for you; if you are Mac user, HandBrake for Mac version can convert videos; however, for my experience with using HandBrake, whose interface is a little bit complicated, and there are lots of parameters displayed for users, if you are laymen of digital video, you would hardly to know how to set those parameters, including me. So there is a shareware Any Video Converter Ultimate for Mac is a better choice for Mac users. It is released by the same producer as Any Video Converter freeware. It's only several clicks for you to complete conversion job.

1. Load video
2. Choose output format; such as convert wmv to mp4 or avi to mpeg4
3. Click "Encode" to convert.

Anyway, as for choosing what product is decided by you, I just share my experience to organize and convert media file on both PC and Mac.

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