CAS Calc P11 for iPad - Math Program with 1,200 Mathematical Functions

November 10, 2011 in Education (E)

[] Pfaeffikon, Switzerland -Power App today is pleased to introduce CAS Calc P11 1.0 for iPad, their new Education app that provides complete Computer Algebra System capabilities, and is comparable to Maple and the TI 89/92. Ideal for use by students and academics, the app includes 1,200 mathematical functions, graphs up to 10 functions in one plot, provides both large and medium sized QWERTY keyboards, allows the choice of three different input formats, and supports AirPrint and PrettyPrint for textbook quality printout of all mathematical expressions. With a touch-sensitive GUI that appears almost identical with the TI-92 programmable graphing calculator, CAS Calc P11 is a low cost, iPad solution for STEM faculty and students.

Feature Highlights:
* Full Symbolic CAS (Computer Algebra System)
* PrettyPrint technology displays mathematical expressions as they appear when typeset in math textbooks
* Most common math Functions are included (approximately 1,200 Functions)
* Up to 10 Functions in one plot
* Plot supports zoom and move
* Results can be directly printed via AirPrint
* Send Results and Plots via email
* Supports external Bluetooth keyboard
* ARM6, ARM7, and Dual-Core optimized
* QWERTY Keyboard included (choice of full size & medium size keyboards)
* Included Manual consists of more than 300 pages
* Choose Input Format: Maple, TI-Style, or C-Style
* LaTeX Parser for desktop publishing
* Direct FAQ support

The CAS Calc P11 offers four different input formats that can be set in preferences: P11, Maple, MuPAD, and TI 89/92. A picker display allows the user to rotate the wheel to choose which of four different programming syntaxes the app will operate under. A second wheel permits the selection of the floating-point format used for printing: standard, scientific, or engineering. The integer base for printing can be selected on the third wheel: base 10 (decimal), base 16 (hexadecimal)), or base 8 (octal). Last, the fourth wheel sets one of five different types of audio feedback for keystrokes or no feedback.

Additional User Settings:
* epsilon - number with an absolute value less than epsilon can be coerced to 0; maximum value 0.01, minimum value 1e-12
* proba - maximal probability of a wrong answer for non-deterministic algorithms
* recurs -number of embedded function calls allowed; maximum value 100
* threads - maximal number of threads in parallel
* digits - 2 to 1,000 digits of precision
* debug - level of information displayed by P11 functions
* eval - number of embedded variable names replacement in interactive evaluation; 10 to 100
* maxiter - default maximal number of iterations in Newton method; 10 to 100
* angles - select radian angle mode or degree angle mode
* polynomials - select display polynomials in increasing or decreasing order
* complex - select complex mode on/off for factorization, etc.
* variables - select variables complex or real
* mode - select numerical calculations performed in approximate mode or exact mode
* poly - select factor second order polynomials using square roots on/off
* all trig sol - select solver mode: principal solution mode or all solutions mode
* prog - select number of embedded variable names replacement in program evaluation: 1 or 0

"CAS Calc P11 is a fully developed math program for the iPad, comparable to Maple," stated Christian Schaffner of Power App. "It offers the power, functions, flexibility, full-size keyboard, and printing capabilities of a desktop math application, all in a low-cost app for the iPad."

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad 1 & 2
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later (iOS 5 tested)
* 22.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
CAS Calc P11 1.0 is only $11.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Education category. Review copies are available upon request.

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