Elixir Releases New RapidWeaver Theme, Redesigns Site

November 11, 2008 in Web Design (E)

[prMac.com] Orlando, FL - Elixir is proud to present its latest theme, Candy. Candy is a highly flexible, super stylish RapidWeaver theme, with a gooey, tasty center. OK, maybe it doesn't have a gooey center, but it is perfect for creating a website for a small business, portfolio, blog, photo album and more.

Candy features the following theme variation options:

* 38 theme header options: Those 38 choices include the ability to use the RapidWeaver color picker, professionally designed stock headers and 10 blank header slots for use with RWmultitool or for using your own headers.

* Ability to place sidebar on left- or right-hand side of site. Also features alternate display styles for these two choices as well as the ability to place the sidebar in the footer of the site.

* The content area for the Candy theme is 850px with the sidebar hidden and is 600 px with the sidebar placed on either the right- or left-hand side.

* The menu for the Candy theme is a horizontal navigation setup, located just below the header area.

* We offer various different headers that you can use with Candy's blank expansion slots. Instructions are included on their use in their download.

Minimum Requirements:
* Candy can be used in RapidWeaver 3.6 and above. This includes the latest version of RapidWeaver: 4.2.

In addition to the new theme launch we have also completed a large overhaul of our site, not only updating the look and feel, but also improving and adding to its content. We've added new sections to the site, including an improved Help Desk as well as a new Extras section. The Extras include new Collage 2 and Carousel styles, as well as wallpapers for the Mac and iPhone.

In addition to the Extras we've also introduced a portfolio page, showcasing a few of our custom projects. As a plus we've also made one of our original, classic themes a free download for all users, and have also made our Accordion extras free of charge. We've simply added too much to the site to mention it all here, whether it is just a case of refining a page, giving more description, or just adding new icons to a page. Enjoy the new site. Share it with all of your friends, whether they're RapidWeaver users or not.

Pricing and Availability:
The Candy theme is only $12.95 (USD), and newsletter subscribers receive a discount. Accompanying the new theme release is also a major update to the Elixir site as well as the addition of many new extras.

Elixir is a graphics company located in sunny Orlando, Fl. Elixir consists of a staff of, well, just one. Adam Shiver. Adam is a self-taught designer with over 10 years of professional experience. He has created a variety of award-winning media during his career including website design, newspaper graphics and layout, icons, online graphics and other print projects. Adam loves coffee and episodes of The Office. If you really want to bribe him, you can get him Amazing Spider-Man comics or something Apple. We offer affordable RapidWeaver themes for a site that's easy to maintain and graphics extras like icon sets and header images to snazzy them up. If you're in need of custom design, including Websites, Identity, Branding and special graphics, well, we do that too. We welcome you to click around and see what catches your eye. Also, check out our blog for product updates and much more.


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