New iPhone Developer Course launches in UK

November 13, 2008 in iOS Development (E)

[] Fleet, UK - Intrinsic Development Corp. Limited launches new iPhone Developer Training Course in the UK, offering developers endless opportunities in this exciting, dynamic market. With the ever increasing market share of the iPhone globally and in the UK, this is an inspiring time for mobile platform developers and programmers. There are new opportunities for discussion, interaction, and learning about the platform, frameworks, tools and languages that are used to create applications for this amazing new platform.

The iPhone Software Development Kit (SDK) was released at the Apple World Wide Developer's Conference in June 2008. Many resources and sessions were made available from Apple on the subject of iPhone development, but it was all covered under non-disclosure. With the lifting of the non-disclosure agreement in October 2008, numerous websites, forums and conferences have blossomed and the dialogue is now flowing.

The Intrinsic Development course focuses on providing delegates with the most essential information needed to start programming for the iPhone, in a three day course, to be held in Reading, Berkshire. The course objective is to enable delegates to become proficient users of the Software Development Kit and become part of this new community of developers. The first course runs from December 10th 2008. This is the first course on this subject in the UK.

Basic course content:
* Introduction to Objective C language
* Introduction to iPhone tools - XCode IDE (integrated development environment) and Interface Builder
* Planning and organisation skills - Architecture, hierarchies, model classes, views and controlling classes
* Introduction to Cocoa Touch and other relevant frameworks
* Introduction to iPhone unique features and integration with other applications - location services, animation, 3-d graphics, the accelerometer
* Application restrictions - such as platform stability and security

The course has been developed by About Objects Inc., a premier IT training and consultancy company headquartered in Reston, VA.

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