After Effects CS5.5 and New Age Graphics - An Equation Unmatched

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[] London, United Kingdom - King of Software announces Adobe After Effects CS5.5, Adobe has crafted a futuristic platform for modern graphic compositions. Loaded with ultra-advanced graphics-and-animation customization tools, Adobe After Effects CS5.5 stands out in the Adobe CS5 family.

Tim Baldwin, Business Head, King Of Software Inc. affirms, "Adobe has gone one-up on its previous in-class release: After Effects CS 5.4. In CS5.5After Effects, the After Effects CS 5 legacy now has extended functionality, stunning features and effects."

"Think of the best Non-Adobe software in the business which Adobe hasn't had on the run. Just rack your brains a little on the all those groundbreaking motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects you ever pulled off. But for After Effects CS, would it have been possible?" ponders Tim.

CS5.5 After Effects makes a strong pitch for exploring graphic content anew. It streams in with a 64-bit operating system, rendering more gloss value to high-resolution projects. Precise tracking and eying controls, professional color support, powerful motion controls, advanced tools for high-end graphic generation... After Effects CS5.5 simply is overwhelming!

After Effects CS5.5 feature rundown:

* Cracking Animation Tools: After Effects CS5.5 combines moving and still imagery, graphics, and text in 2D or 3D space. It animates practically any element; makes anything come alive with its cracking sound effects.

* True-To-Life 64-Bit Performance: CS5.5 Adobe After Effects is the best at dealing with high-resolution projects, bar none. It works great even at 32-bit-per-channel color - inside HD, 2K, and 4K compositions. With enhanced disk caching, it minimizes the time outlay for a highly optimized throughput.

* Peerless Cross-platform Capabilities: CS5.5 After Effects streamlines the workflow by importing Adobe Photoshop images and layer effects. The sublime fluidity in alternating between After Effects CS5.5 and Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5 is simply unparalleled.

* Endless creativity: Master Stylize, Distort, Shatter and suchlike tools form the framework of After Effects CS5.5. Grids, radio waves, particles, third-party effects output Hollywood-caliber results.

* Text and vector graphics - mastered: After Effects CS5.5 ropes in familiar Adobe tools to master text and vector graphics animation. It's the one-stop source for editing motion graphics and animation into visual brilliance.

* Intuitive masking and keying: CS5.5's Roto Brush tool radically revolutionizes animation editing and redaction. In no time, moving foreground elements can be isolated from blurry backgrounds. With Keylight - Foundry's Academy Award-winning tool - Blue and Greenscreen elements can be walled off from main-frame animation.

* Nimble, Powerful motion controls: With tools as Warp Stabilizer, Imagineer Systems and the like, After Effects CS5.5 is the new age motion controls paradigm. Effects like real-time motion blur and footage speed monitoring put CS5.5 After effects in a different league altogether.

* 32-bit floating-point pipeline: CS5.5 After Effects exploits extended highlights and shadows with the dynamic range of real-world light. It recovers detail without clipping.

* Compatibility Paradigm: Adobe CS5.5 After Effects is the new compatibility paradigm. Compatibility with leading output formats produces top-notch animation to suffice high quality film and broadcasting requirements.

Summing up, Tim adds, "Adobe CS5.5 After Effects is delightfully workable. It is fluid, smooth and is extremely well- rounded for animation and graphic editing." All the same, Tim throws some caution to users. "Buying Adobe CS5.5 After Effects is the easiest job on the surface. But skimming through shams can easily put any buyer out of sorts. Stay away from wheeler-dealer" cautions Tim.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.5,10.6 Snow Leopard

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