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[] Denver, Colorado - GameCollider, in an effort to bring about a harmonious buzz throughout the universe, today is pleased to announce that phase 1 is complete as the forthcoming iPhone game Pollinate has gone beta.

"What in the world is Pollinate?" asked most people. "Good question!" answered Dwayne DeSylvia, GameCollider spokesperson. "Pollination is taken for granted by most people. This critical process brings countless benefits to the planet, including beautiful flowers, and well, duh, honey! Pollinate is our tribute to the tireless hours spent by pollinators to bring us sweet delights!"

The Pollinate game brings this incredible process to the masses. Players can assume the role of their favorite bee to collect and transfer pollen. But the rewards don't stop there. Players earn flower parts and create custom flowers to share with the world:

Fly different bees with varying levels of buzz:
* Bumble Bee - Strong worker but moves at slower pace. Good way to chill out while pollinating
* Honey Bee - A fine balance of all characteristics. Not too slow, not too fast
* Mason Bee - Fast mover but lower stamina. Get outta my way, I'm coming through

More Power:
* Unlike the real world, bees in Pollinate can use power-ups to make their job a bit easier
* Find Speed, Invincibility, and Stamina power-ups to enhance your buzz

Random acts of kindness:
* Design and custom flowers using a variety of Stems, Branches, Adornments, Sepals, Flower heads and colors
* Cultivate a terraced garden as your personal showcase
* Share flowers and garden with the world via email, Facebook and Twitter

Pollinate was conceived in early 2010 by some folks who consumed a bit too much honey one day and actually became part bee. "Pollinate is our attempt (bzzzz) to bring players worldwide into the fascinating (bzzzz) world of pollination," said Phil Russo, PEO (Pollinate Executive Officer) of GameCollider, obviously all buzzed up. "We want everyone buzzing! By the way, has (bzzzz) anyone seen my honey jar?"

Pricing and Availability:
Getting this buzz will be cheap. $0.99 (USD) to be exact. And soon - early December 2011.

GameCollider is a virtual, indie game company loosely based in Denver, Colorado. Copyright (C) 2011 GameCollider. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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