Faber Acoustical Brings Scriptability to Electroacoustics Toolbox

April 25, 2007 in Software (E)

[prMac.com] The Faber Electroacoustics Toolbox (FEaT) can now be controlled via AppleScripts, as of version 1.2, thanks to extensive scripting support for measurment and display parameters. The new functionality allows users to automate repetitive measurements, or even develop their own user interface with tools such as AppleScript Studio and Automator actions.

Beyond AppleScript support, which greatly enhances the power of FEaT, the software's Dual FFT Analyzer tool now includes a built-in excitation signal generator. The built-in excitation signal greatly simplifies measurement configuration and even allows for pre-sending the excitation signal through the device or system under test. Pre-sends are particularly beneficial for measuring acoustic spaces, such as listening rooms, recording studios, and concert halls. Additional new features include MAT-file data export, controls for starting, stopping, capturing and exporting all tools in the project toolbox, and an enhanced user interface.

FEaT brings powerful new tools to the Macintosh platform for multi-channel, audio-band data acquisition and real-time analysis of electrical, acoustical, and electroacoustic signals and systems. It enables precise measurements of acoustic quantities, such as equivalent and time-weighted sound levels, as well as acoustic and electroacoustic systems, such as listening rooms and loudspeakers. The software is designed to work with any Mac-compatible audio hardware and supports multiple channels of 8, 16, 24, or 32-bit data with sample rates as high as the hardware will support.

The Faber Electroacoustics Toolbox is the new standard in Mac-based acoustical testing and measurement. Electroacoustics Toolbox is available as a Universal Binary, compatible with PowerPC and Intel-based Macintosh computers running Mac OS X version 10.3.9 or later. Version 1.2 will require registered users to obtain a (free) new serial number from Faber Acoustical. Learn more at FaberAcoustical.com.

Faber Acoustical Services and Technologies provides cost effective tools for acoustical instrumentation, analysis, and education. Faber Acoustical's expertise include acoustical measurements, active noise control (sometimes referred to as active noise cancellation or ANC), mixed-signal circuit design, digital signal processing (DSP), adaptive filtering, and embedded DSP and desktop software design.


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