Kunundrum 1.2 for iOS: Maze Game Features Tron-Like Graphics + Animation

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[prMac.com] Toronto, Canada - Hope This Works Games today is pleased to announce Kunundrum 1.2 for iOS, their single-player maze game that requires both strategical and tactical thought to solve each puzzle. Featuring a neon-wall maze, animated particle orbs, and a circular animated goal of matching color, the player must move each orb into the goal of the same color in the fewest moves possible. While all puzzles and movements are rectilinear, once an orb begins moving in a straight line horizontally or vertically, it does not stop until it hits an immovable object, frequently overshooting the target goal. Kunundrum combines dazzling, Tron-like, neon graphics and animation with a simple, logical game that becomes extremely challenging after the first 10 of 150 levels are completed.

"The object of the puzzle is to move each colored orb into its respective goal within the fewest number of moves. In order to move the orb, place your finger on it and swipe in the direction you would like it to move. Orbs move immediately and will only stop when another object stops them, such as walls, gates, other orbs, or goals containing their orbs." Kunundrum is currently the number five Strategy Game on the Japan App Store.

At the most fundamental strategic level the players recognizes that in order to successfully direct a colored orb into its matching goal, there must be some obstacle on the opposite side of the goal to prevent the orb from continuing past the goal. For example, navigating a second orb into the square opposite the approaching orb will serve as a barrier, keeping the orb in its goal. Perhaps approaching the goal from above or below will stop the orb from overshooting the goal. It can take a number of moves, positioning orbs, to set up a goal. A puzzle is complete when all goals have been filled with their matching orb.

The player touches an orb and drags it up or down, left or right, depending upon the constraints of the maze (walls confine orbs within the maze). Before it has been dragged one complete square, it zooms across the maze under its own power until it hits an immovable object. The animated orb, throwing off plasma flares, deforms as it accelerates across the squares, becoming a thin flame. The sight of blue, green, yellow, and red orbs zipping across the maze has an hypnotic effect. The player is entertained and calmed as they interact with the game. In addition to the cerebral gratification of solving the puzzle, there is a kinesthetic pleasure at the same time.

Feature Highlights:
* 150 different maps
* 8 different interactive obstacles
* Gradual difficulty going from super simple, to mind challenging
* Solution helper function to help solve any puzzles that you can't quite manage
* 3-Star scoring system creating addictive gameplay trying to solve puzzles in the minimum number of moves
* Score high by solving the puzzle in the fewest moves possible
* High-end graphics and animation
* Ongoing updates featuring new map packs and gameplay mechanics
* Online worldwide leader boards with OpenFeint and Game Center
* Score sharing/bragging rights via Facebook and Twitter
* Listen to your iPod music by starting it first then the game

Animated plasma orbs zipping through mazes constructed of walls of colored neon would be incomplete without obstacles. So, in addition to the one or more self-contained mazes on each map, Kunundrum has eight different types of interactive obstacles, each occupying one square, many of which are animated. For example, Teleporter squares free orbs from their straight-line movement, sending them off to a matching Teleporter anywhere within the maze. "Teleporters teleport their respective (like colored) orbs as soon as they travel through their tile. The orb, after it is teleported, then continues in the same direction it entered the first teleporter until it is stopped by another object (walls, gates, other orbs)."

Interactive Obstacles:
* Teleporters
* Universal Teleporters
* Directional Arrows
* Rotating Directional Arrows
* Gates
* On/Off Switches
* Warp Tunnels
* Add/Subtract Move Power Ups

"Guide your orb through eight different unique obstacles while traversing the multitude of mind bending puzzle boards," suggested Dennis Dunn of Hope This Works Games. "If you enjoy games like Quell, I think Kunundrum will soon become one of your favorites."

Language Support:
* U.S. English, German, Simplified Chinese, French, and Spanish

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPod touch (2nd/3rd/4th generation), and iPad 1/2
* Requires iOS 4.1 or later (iOS 5 tested)
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* 16.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Kunundrum 1.2 is free until Nov. 26. Kunundrum 1.2 is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Kunundrum Lite 1.2 is free. Review copies are available upon request.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Hope This Works Games is a mobile developer working on bringing fun and engaging games to the marketplace. The company is comprised of 3 Founder/Directors from the game industry who wanted to challenge themselves by setting out on their own to create and release quality gaming content, sharing the fun and enjoyment that they gain from creating and sharing their ideas. It was time to grow and evolve and to stand on their own. And with this, they look to grow and solidify their base to ensure the creation of great gaming content at prices everyone can afford. We enjoy ourselves and we want everyone else to share in the enjoyment and just have fun with life. (C) 2011 Hope This Works Games. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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