Cybernarium 1.0 for iOS - Cyberpunk Breakout Played in a Circular Arena

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[] Odessa, Ukraine - Smartphoneware today is pleased to introduce Cybernarium 1.0 for iOS, their new single player, Breakout-style game with a cyberpunk motif. Played in a circular arena, the player controls a single droid-paddle that moves along the perimeter of the arena. The object of the game is to keep the plasma-ball within the arena until all the breakable blocks are destroyed. The game features two types of paddle control, two play modes, realistic game physics, hi-res graphics and animation, and a cyberpunk style GUI. Unlike most games of this kind, some of the targets in the arena fire back at the player, testing his speed and accuracy in moving the paddle quickly to hit the ball and still avoid being destroyed by incoming fire.

With Cybernarium the player is challenged to a mind-bending Breakout game set in a dystopian future. Humans of the present must help humans of the future destroy energy farms built by conquering machines. Blocks inside the arena release energy and explode when hit by the moving plasma-ball. The ball bounces off the inner walls of the arena, and richochets between nearby blocks. The player controls the paddle that keeps the ball in play and uses it to aim at remaining blocks.

The game includes two modes of play: Behind the Walls, where the top half of the arena is walled in preventing the ball from escaping, and Insane Freedom, where there are no walls and the player must guard the full 360 degrees of the arena with his paddle. Cybernarium offers two methods of control for the droid-paddle, a flat plane only large enough to cover about 25 degrees of arc. There is manual control, where the player drags the shield around the circular perimeter on a geared track, and there is powered control, where the player uses left and right thumb buttons to move the paddle clockwise or counter clockwise. While manual control is easier, power controls offer greater speed and responsiveness.

There are two more thumb buttons: Shields and Missiles. Shields puts up a temporary force field shield around the inner wall of the arena, preventing the plasma-ball from leaving. Each time the ball escapes, the player loses one of his seven lives. Missiles are launched from the paddle and provide an alternate method of destroying blocks quickly. Each mode has 30 levels of play, and the faster each level is completed, the higher the scoring bonus.

What makes Cybernarium a truly outstanding game is a combination of the game's relentless, progressive logic and its impressive high resolution graphics and animation. At the start, all the blocks are rectangular and arranged in balanced groups. The physics of the game are inexorable: the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. Whatever the angle at which the ball hits an object or the paddle, it will bounce off at the same angle (except if the ball hits the paddle while the paddle is moving). This simple law guides the ball as it accelerates and decelerates, bouncing rapidly between blocks like a pinball or moving gracefully through a nearly empty arena.

Feature Highlights:
* 2 separate campaigns with 30 arenas each
* Dynamic arenas: levels will have moving/rotating, destroyable and indestructible objects and turrets that try to shoot you
* Ammunition: manually activated reflective shields to use in panic moments
* Ammunition: fire missiles to destroy some remaining objects or shoot the turrets before they shoot you
* 15 power-ups and power-downs to gain additional score, replenish ammunition or modify the game play
* Game Center support with Leaderboards and 20 different Achievements
* Stylish cyberpunk graphics and music

This logic becomes progressive as gameplay moves upward through each level. Rectangular blocks become arrays of square and rectangular blocks, then circular blocks are added. Soon, complex patterns of symmetrical blocks of of all shapes and sizes appear, along with gun turrets that fire blue-white energy pulses that can hit the paddle and destroy it. New styles of blocks are added, blocks oscillate, revolving gun turrets fire in four directions simultaneously, indestructible barrier blocks appear, rotating propeller barriers send balls off in every direction.

The physics and graphics are the product of separate engines but are insepearable in gameplay. The game physics determine what will happen and the graphics and animation provide a realtime movie that makes visible to human eyes what has already been decided. The large circular arena encloses a black starfield, and the ensuing pyrotechnics of animated plasma-balls, energy shields, and pulse weapons capture the player's attention and never lets go. Every effect looks right - sharp, clear, and realistic.

"We invite all gamers to help save the future Earth," stated Sergey Simkovsky of Smartphoneware. "This is Cybernarium: 'Year 2631, the planet is under control of cybernetic mechanisms. Remnants of mankind are united in their last resistance. Human scientists managed to get access codes to Cybernariums, cybernetic energy farms. To bypass the Cybernarium security the control code is sent to the past where the cybernetic menace has not been the issue yet. Humans of the past, you can control the Cybernarium mechanisms directly from your iDevices to reclaim as much energy as possible. Give the future a chance!'"

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 5 tested)
* Universal app optimized for display on all iOS devices
* 17.1 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Cybernarium 1.0 is only $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Review copies are available upon request.

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