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[] Ripley, United Kingdom - Extended Black Friday / Cyber Monday Promotion on all of our Products. Never Before 50% Discount on Everything until Midnight 4th December. All our products can be viewed from the Arten Science Home Page by clicking any of the product icons down the left hand side of the page. Note that our award winning Cross Platform encryption product, R10Cipher and our highly rated Cross Platform CRM Solution, ContaxCRM, are also included in this unique promotion.

ContaxCRM is *the* Cross Platform CRM for Mac OSX and Windows, with Contact, Document, Task, Email and Job Management.

ContaxCRM is easy to install, easy to use, easy to buy - one price, no monthly subscriptions - and once used, difficult to live without.

Here is what one happy customer had to say: 'After just one day with your product, I am convinced that it may be the tool that could change the system. In order to demonstrate the possibilities, I would like to purchase a second copy of the software for use on my UK University computer. My goal is to set up and use the program, then share the results with others who could either purchase the systems interdepartmentally or personally'

ContaxCRM does not try to re-invent the wheel. At Arten Science we know that many of you are quite happy with Outlook or iCal, Apple Mail for your email and calendars. We also know that you would find it beneficial to have those emails and calendar entries available within your CRM, integrated with the appropriate contact that they relate to. ContaxCRM makes this happen in a simple and unobtrusive manner.

Incoming emails can be used as the basis on which to generate a new contact, or if for an existing contact they can be encrypted before being stored, should you believe the contents to be of a sensitive nature.

ContaxCRM is *the* CRM if you are at all concerned about security. ContaxCRM uses encryption from our R10Cipher product to protect contact details, notes, email or documents.

R10Cipher has proven itself over many years, here is what Paul McGrath, Computer Manager, Cancer Research UK Clinical Centre, has to say about R10Cipher: 'R10Cipher is a fantastic cross platform tool which has given us the peace of mind that our patient sensitive research data can be transmitted electronically in a secure manner on site or with collaborators around the world. The ability to encrypt and attach files to emails or simply encrypt the email text between Apple Macs and Windows PCs without the need for complicated software installations means that our users are happy to use this great bit of software. The developer's proactive approach to their software development requesting and rapidly incorporating users feedback has turned a good encryption tool into and excellent one.'

We could say a lot more about ContaxCRM, here are just a few of the highlights:

* System Features and Requirements:
* Supplied as a Universal Binary for Mac OSX including Lion
* Tested on OSX 10.5
* Windows Version works on XP, Vista, 2003 and 7
* Easy to use, Modern, Fast, Clean Interface
* Requires No Installation
* No Modifications made to your computer outside of the ContaxCRM / Documents folder
* Requires no additional Runtime installation such as .NET, Java or similar
* Brand New, DocXpert Help System
* Single User with inbuilt SQLite, or Multi-User with MySQL
* Sync the Database with iDisk, DropBox or Similar

* Store detailed information about your Contacts
* Unlimited Custom Fields
* User Defined Contact Status
* Visit a Contacts Website by Clicking the Button next to their Web Address
* Mark your Contacts as Customers, Suppliers, Personal, Prospect, Member or Network
* Mark a Contact as Inactive, effectively Hidden, but not Deleted
* Visit a Contacts Blog by Clicking the Button next to their Blog
* Call a contact by clicking the Phone Icon (Certain IP Phones Only)
* TLRS - Traffic Light Rating System - Red, Amber, Green
* Store up to five 'Tagged' Phone Numbers
* Store up to five 'Tagged' Email Addresses
* Contact Template Facility
* Import Data from a Tab Delimited File
* Import Data from Apple Address Book
* User defined Contact Categories and Classifications
* Specify the allowed method of communication, Phone, Email, SMS, Post

Audio Output:
* Contact Information and Notes can be output as an Audio File for later review, Mac OSX Only

Document Management:
* Document Storage and Management, accessible from the Contact
* Drag and Drop Document Management

Email Integration:
* Email a Contact by Clicking the Icon next to their Email Address
* Outgoing Email is Written to Contact History
* Automatically Capture Incoming Email and Apply to Contact History

Bulk Email:
* Use your ContaxCRM data for bulk email marketing and communication
* Will not Bulk Mail contacts if 'Mail' is not selected as an allowed communication method

Twitter Integration:
* Update your Twitter Status from within ContaxCRM
* Send Twitter @Reply Messages to Contacts, Recorded in the Contact Notes

iCal / Outlook Integration:
* Insert iCal Entries from within ContaxCRM, Linked to Contacts and Recorded in their Notes

* Fast Searching, Sorting and Filtering of Contact information
* Contacts can have User Defined Tags applied

Notes and History:
* Notes Drop Zone: Drag and Drop Text Documents into Contact Notes, Recorded as History
* History of Inserts, Imports and Edits
* Enter your own Notes against a Contact with an Event Type
* Event Types: General, Email Sent, Email Received, Outgoing Call, Incoming Call, Visit etc.

* Outstanding Tasks For a Contact, always Shown in ContaxCRM

Live Mapping:
* Geographical Mapping Information showing Physical Proximity between businesses
* Icon on Google Map coloured appropriately according to your TLRS
* Appropriate Icon for Contact Types shown on inbuilt Google Map

Graphs and Charts:
* Real-time Charting

Connections and Relationships:
* User defined Connections / Relationships
* See the Relationships and Links between You and your Contacts
* See the Relationships and Links between Your Contacts and Each Other

MySQL Multi-User Server Edition:
* Multi-User MySQL edition features Users screen with Full Security Features

* Full Screen Toggle
* Extensive use of Keyboard Shortcuts

Open Design:
* You can use any generally available SQL Query tool to create your own Reports
* Free Format Report Generator with Export to Tab, CSV, XLS
* ContaxCRM does not 'Lock you in'
* Export Capability

* Each Contact can be Individually Encrypted
* Incoming Email can be Encrypted
* Contact Notes / History can be Encrypted
* R10Cipher can directly use ContaxCRM to populate its Key Management Database

* Online Manual
* Tutorial Movies
* Support Forum
* Email Support
* Telephone Support can be provided at additional cost

During this promotion ContaxCRM is 34.50 Per User. ($53.20)
No Ongoing Fees
Multi-User = X * Single User Price
Upgrade to the forthcoming Version 3 is *Free of Charge*

Arten Science was created in 2007 to design, develop and market quality commercial software for the Mac OSX and Windows Platforms. We also provide Bespoke Software Development and Technology/Database/Security Consultancy services. In addition to creating new solutions for our customers, all of our commercial products can also be tailored, modified and enhanced to suit your specific requirements. Copyright (C) 2011 Arten Science. All Rights Reserved. All other names are the property of their respective companies in the US and other countries.


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