Apple-Only Press Release Service, prMac, Boosts Revenues 89% Over 2010

November 29, 2011 in Services (E)

[] Lake Dallas, Texas - prMac, a Press Release Service specializing in news of products and services for Apple computers and mobile devices, today announces revenues up 89% over this time last year. Celebrating their fifth anniversary next month, prMac offers a wide variety of affordable services, including: Extended Distribution of Press Releases to over 674 media partners, Press Release Writing, Video News Releases, Bulk Distribution Packages, RSS Feeds, Free Limited Releases, and Display Advertising Bundles. The company has built a loyal following among the tightly knit community of iOS and OS X developers, and has more than 7,000 registered members.

"prMac's services are completely bad ass. Far superior and cheaper than other alternatives out there. The customer service itself is also very impressive, I e-mailed them in the middle of the night and had a response within minutes. As matter of fact our e-mail exchange felt more like an Instant Messaging conversation with how fast they kept responding. You can't beat service like that! If you're looking for an excellent press release system with awesome customer service, look no further - prMac gets the job done, and does it well." - Roger O'Brien - Mach Software Design

Following free registration on the prMac website, the member can submit their Press Release for automatic, worldwide distribution through the service. The website provides simple, step-by-step instructions for writing a properly formatted Press Release. The company also offers a professional Press Release Writing Service, especially helpful for members doing a release for the first time. The Writing Service also caters to the many members who are not native English speakers. Its newest service, Video News Releases, was successfully introduced seven months ago. The service provides a short, professional video that complements the content of the member's written Press Release, and the Press Release and VNR are published together.

prMac's outstanding revenue growth in a weak economy is attributed to several factors. First, the company maintains a very aggressive pricing policy, and it would be difficult to find comparable services offered at a lower cost anywhere in the world. Second, prMac is known in the industry, by developers and media alike, for its commitment to the highest standards of objective and ethical journalism. Third, the service is proactive in meeting the needs of its members, constantly expanding and improving on its Customer Service, Web-Based Member Services, Writing and Video Services, and number of Media Partners. Lastly, the Apple-Only Press Release Service remains true to its roots, a service created by a developer for developers, serving their needs and helping them achieve their business goals.

"I write mobile phone apps and there has been no better way to communicate to the world that one of my apps is alive than prMac's excellent press release service. The service is fast, website-automated, human-reviewed and a pleasure to use during the chaos that usually revolves around product roll-out. But don't believe me, just Google for your product, do a prMac press release, then Google again. That is the real convincing evidence. Keep the great work going." - John Roberts - Mindwarm Incorporated

Feature Highlights:
* Free registration and membership to prMac with no membership requirements
* Low cost Extended Distribution of Press Releases to 674 media partners
* Professional Press Release Writing service
* Video News Release service
* RSS feeds included in all paid distributions
* Free Limited Press Releases

"The value for the release for a growing independent company like mine is unprecedented. I have paid 4 times what you are charging to get equivalent features but without the same results. Press releases through prMac have been picked up by more news agencies and blogs than any other service I have used." - Todd A. Sherman - Smart Box Games

"I don't think there will be anything else that I do in my life as important as what I do now," said Ray Barber of prMac. "I originally started the service to level the playing field and make it as easy as possible for anyone to effectively manage their press communications. We sincerely thank everyone who helped make that possible. We are fanatical about customer service and dedicated to meeting our customer's every expectation. Today, prMac offers a level of sophistication and value not found in similar services. Whether your news has to go around the corner or around the world, our mission is to help you announce newsworthy events, specifically targeted to mac-centric journalists and blog enthusiasts."

"It was no coincidence the same time our release went out from prMac that we had our best day ever in exposure and sales. We can not speak highly enough of the great customer service received from this team. We are a client for life." - Brian Lane - MacTVision Technologies

Pricing and Availability:
Registration and membership to prMac is free. Extended Distribution of Press Releases is $19.95 (USD) per release. Video News Releases and Extended Distribution of Press Releases together is $77.95 per release. The Professional Press Release Writing Service starts at $85.00 per release. Limited Press Releases are distributed free. prMac offers bulk discounts on all services.

Headquartered in Lake Dallas Texas, prMac is a property of GeekSuit LLC, a leading evangelist for the Mac platform since 1999. Established in January 2007, prMac strives to provide innovative, affordable solutions that enhance the press communications of their members. MacScripter, MacDeveloper and Client Folder Maker are also owned and founded by GeekSuit LLC. Copyright 2007-2011 GeekSuit, LLC / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac OS X and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.