IconBox 2.5 released for OS X - It's like iPhoto for your icons and more

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[prMac.com] Wingene, Belgium - Independent developer Florian Soenens today is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of IconBox 2.5, an important update to his popular Icon Organizer for Mac OS X. With IconBox, download, organize and customize your icons. Version 2.5 is a major update that features lot's of improvements, including a restyled interface. Here's an overview of the most important changes:

* Mac OS X Lion Compatibility
* New looking and improved interface
* Complete CandyBar import, importing the full CandyBar collection, leaving the structure intact
* Ability to select a shared location for icon storage like DropBox, allowing you to share your icons on multiple computers
* Completely new IconFinder implementation, loading icons in threads and a brand new way to download them by drag and drop

What's new in version 2.50:
* Mac OS X 10.68 Compatibility
* Mac OS X 10.72 Lion Compatibility
* Changed the mode switching toolbar to default Mac OS X toolbar buttons
* It is now possible to import your complete CandyBar collection, leaving the complete structure intact
* Fixed a crash when entering an empty value in one of the info fields (Author, URL, etc.)
* Library action button is now always enabled but the menu items within are enabled/disabled as needed
* Fixed an issue where the pixelslider remained disabled when selecting a box that contained no icons
* Changed all scrollbars to small semi-transparent ones
* When the info switch button was disabled, it was still clickable, fixed that
* Change the size of the "Icon of the Day" to 340x340 pix for display instead of 256x256
* Fixed an issue where some IconSites thumbnails did not get loaded
* Fixed an issue where not all images from an IconFinder search were displayed
* Changed the default iconsize selector in the preference panel to a round textured one
* Changed the submode indicator views to a gray textured color instead of black and changed all searchfields to the default ones
* Changed the switch view button to a round textured one
* The menu items for view as icons/list now show an indicator for which mode is active
* Changed the "Show Dock Preview" button, it is now a default button with a blue state when selected
* Changed the look of the iDrop window to have a dotted stroke now
* Cleaned up the Quick Export View
* Changed the loading progression of Customize Mode to a regular spinning indicator
* The size of the customize view is remembered now when switching modes
* Changed the look of the icon wells in the customize section (White = Normal | Blue = To be Customized | Orange = Customized)
* It is now possible to select another storage location for sharing across computers (eg DropBox)
* Restyled the IconFinder view, it shows more icon details now, including the tags and available sizes, even the none-default ones
* Keywords of downloaded IconFinder icons are now automatically filled in
* Author info now displays as locked if icon info is copyright protected with the addition of an icon and disabled fields
* The Splitview of the X-Ray browser is no longer completely collapsable
* To download IconFinder icons, you can now select multiple icons at ones and drag them to the "Download Box" to download them into the App
* Changed the Apply / Cancel / Restore Icon buttons to match the new interface
* Fixed a bug where a zip package got created even when the Cancel button was selected
* Fixed a bug in Preferences where the library got moved even when the Cancel button was selected
* Creating a Smart Box now instantly shows the predicate editor panel
* It is now possible to select a group and show all icons within
* Minor bugfixes

For a complete overview and screenshots, check out our brand new website.

Operating out of Wingene, Belgium, independent developer Florian Soenens has been creating Mac apps since 1998. The first version of IconBox was released in 2003, being the first Icon Organizer for Mac OS X. His future goal is to further improve IconBox as well as taking Icon tools to the iOS platform. Copyright (C) 2011 Florian Soenens. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.