InfoWallet Mac: All Your Private Information Securely Available Anywhere

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[] Thousand Oaks, California - Independent developer Bill Vlahos today is pleased to announce InfoWallet 1.3.17 for OS X, Windows, and Linux, an update to his Lifestyle app that consolidates, organizes, and provides access to all of the user's most sensitive, private information in one place. With interactive templates for the recording of personal information, the app simplifies archiving of the user's: Basic Information, Passwords, Personal Profile, Medical History, Doctors, Medications, Contacts, Insurance, Finance, and Records. Data, protected by military level encryption algorithms, can be stored in Dropbox, a USB drive, or a computer. The most recent update includes a redesigned GUI, password login assistant, improved CitySearch business lookup, Windows digital code signage, and the ability to attach files.

In this age when personal medical records are scattered among specialists, where primary care physicians rarely have accurate, complete medical histories, where people change residences frequently and travel regularly, and where crucial records and documents may be safely hidden away in half a dozen different places, it is vital that responsible individuals create a single, authoritative, complete repository of all their personal information. Too often, otherwise responsible adults discover that they cannot supply vital information when it is needed. After being taken by ambulance to the hospital, following a natural catastrophe, or while traveling in a foreign country it is too late to try to find critical, private information.

This is the purpose of InfoWallet. It securely stores the complete details of the user's personal life and affairs. Everything is neatly arranged, easy to find, in one permanent archive that can be updated as necessary. Once compiled, the data in InfoWallet can be password protected and is always encrypted. InfoWallet data can be kept safely in one or more locations: on a computer, on a USB thumb drive, or in Dropbox or other cloud based service. Running from a USB drive or Dropbox on any public or workplace computer, it leaves no personal data behind on that computer. The user can carry with them or gain access to their most important, personal information without compromising their privacy.

The interactive templates included in the application prompt the user to fill in 100% of the necessary information. For example, rather that providing a text field to list diseases the user has had, the app lists 25 of the most important conditions and allows the user to check off whether they have had it, the date, and any relatives who may also have had the disease. Also included is an allergy list, including the 10 most common allergies with the ability to add additional items. Surgeries with notes and dates have a table of their own. Immunizations and the date of the most recent vaccination also has its own table. Finally, the Medical History category includes room for important notes, test results, symptoms, and contraindications. Each of the 10 different categories of information is similarly thorough and well organized.

Feature Highlights:
* Timeline of your life with doctor visits, medications, and history in a list and graphical chart
* Login Assistant (Macintosh and Windows) log into to web sites with as little as 2 clicks while in any program
* US Business lookups search the Internet for Doctors, Pharmacies, Banks, etc., for easy and accurate entry of their info
* Show address in Google maps with one click
* Find businesses with integrated CitySearch makes it easy to enter information
* Supports vCARD integration with computer address book and other applications
* Welcome screen shows RSS news feeds on Heath, Finance, and Lifestyle
* Carry information on multiple people at the same time
* Carry important documents securely
* All your data available at work, medical facilities, or traveling
* 5 star ratings from MacUpdate and tucows

"Unfortunately, many people only find out when it's too late that there is no doctor, hospital, agency, or company that takes responsibility for supplying accurate medical records when they are needed," commented Bill Vlahos of InfoWallet. "It's the responsibility of every individual to make sure that they can access critical medical, personal, financial, insurance, and password information whenever and wherever they may need it. Thousand of users have discovered that InfoWallet is the solution."

System Requirements:
* Macintosh OS X 10.4 or later
* Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7
* Linux
* 64 MB

InfoWallet 1.3.17 available as a free trial download from web site. Individual licenses are $19.99, Couple licenses are $29.99, Family licenses are 39.99, and Group licenses are $19.99 to $11.99 each depending on quantity.

Based in Thousand Oaks, California, InfoWallet is committed to empowering people to organize, track, and utilize the important private information of their lives in new ways that are secure, easy, and portable. The company was founded in 2009 by independent developer Bill Vlahos. Copyright (C) 2011 InfoWallet. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.