Princeton Satellite Systems releases VisualCommander v3.0 for Mac OS X

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[] Plainsboro, New Jersey - Princeton Satellite Systems is pleased to announce the release of VIsualCommander v3.0. VisualCommander is a revolutionary 64 bit Mac OS X application for data acquisition, hardware control, simulation and visualization. It provides a flexible, open environment that allows you to integrate all of your software tools and heritage code.

The key idea is flexibility. Data can come from anywhere! VisualCommander provides you with the ability to integrate multiple systems into a single interface, and allows you the freedom to design that interface however you like. "Display plugins" are dragged onto your interface window and customized to suit your application. Simulations can be developed and run within the VisualCommander environment, or they can run externally. The simulation telemetry other data is available in a data tree for dragging onto your displays.

Key Features:
* Integrate data from hardware and software components easily
* Send commands to any component
* Review and replay your telemetry stream
* Record movies of your interface
* DSimManager helper app with drag and drop interface for building dynamical models from component classes
* ControlDeckManager app for assembling control systems
* Example dynamics and control project with simulation and control bundles
* Example interface to Phidgets USB devices
* Sophisticated terrain engine for multi-resolution modeling including high-resolution texture maps and height mapping

Add-on Modules for Aerospace Applications:
* Spacecraft control library
* Extensive bundle of aerospace component models for simulations
* GN&C software for CubeSats and launch vehicles

Example Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher
* Intel Processor, 2 GHz or faster
* 38.8 MB Hard Drive space

VisualCommander is used by leading high-technology companies for spacecraft design, modeling and simulation. Princeton Satellite Systems uses it in-house to support numerous contracts. A free 30-day demo is available for download.

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