ProjectForum Slashes Prices Over 90% on Single Wiki License

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[] Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - CourseForum Technologies has dramatically reduced pricing for its smaller ProjectForum wiki licenses. The price for a single group license has been slashed from $299 to only $25, which still includes unlimited users. This application allows users to easily set up and run their own private wiki on Mac OS X, enhancing collaboration between members of teams, groups or departments.

Effective immediately, the price for a single group Standard ProjectForum license, formerly $299, has been slashed over 90% to only $25. This includes a single wiki, with the full ProjectForum feature set, including an unlimited number of users, for only $25. The ProjectForum Basic license, which had a slightly reduced feature set, and sold for $99, has been discontinued.

Whether coordinating the activities of a three-member committee, a 25-person team, or dozens of departments consisting of hundreds of people, the ProjectForum private wiki application simplifies sharing and collaboration, which is justly regarded as the lifeblood of any organization. The app allows the wiki administrator to set up and run an ongoing, private wiki with little or no previous knowledge of web site administration. The app's easy, web-based interface makes it inexpensive and practical to institute a private wiki, ensuring that the flow of information back and forth throughout the organization is clear, effective, and egalitarian.

Requiring no external databases, web servers, version control systems, or other support systems, a ProjectForum private wiki functions automatically, facilitating the updating and sharing of information. All configuration is done through an easy web-based interface that allows the wiki administrator custom brand pages, create re-usable templates, add custom links, and share wiki content publicly on the web. The software is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux, and hosted versions are also available.

"ProjectForum is already the easiest wiki software to get started with," stated Mark Roseman of CourseForum Technologies. "But we know the price tag was scaring some people away at the start. We want people to really learn about and use ProjectForum, and if it makes sense, use it for new things in the future."

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