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[] Zagreb, Croatia - Habitatus today is thrilled to announce Essentials 1.2, an update to their newest product for Mac. It is user friendly, easy to use but a powerful tool that innovatively combines usual with not yet seen features. Besides quickly launching applications and assorted files, Essentials can act as Terminal command center, "dropbox" for e-mail messages, text clippings/snippets, colors, graphic paths/vectors, PDF and image clippings. It is customizable, intuitive and gives completely new meaning to a "folder".

Main purpose of Essentials:
"Essentials is a really handy app that could conceivably change the way you use OS X and speed up your workflow in a number of ways ... If you're looking for an affordable way to dramatically increase the speed at which you can access files, folders, text snippets, URLs or even colors, Essentials is definitely a great place to start.", Joshua Johnson, Mac Appstorm

"Essentials came out of a pure necessity of our team", said Dunja Despotovic, one of the founders of Habitatus. "Considering most of our work is done on OS X, we had cluttered Docks, too many Spaces with tons of folders and documents open and it become really impossible to manage all that and maintain productivity at the same time. When our clients saw our little helper, they asked how they can get it too and there we decided to publish it on freshly started Mac App Store."

It is shortcuts application that allows to have assorted files handy, reorganized, quickly obtained from different types of files, prepared for fast viewing, renamed for exact purpose without fear of erasing something from hard drive or making duplicates of files and increase such a precious storage space. Saves time and nerves. We don't think of breathing in order to breath yet we are breathing. No need to think how to get things done more than is necessary, just do it.

New features:
In order to improve User Experience and productivity span, Essentials 1.2 added few enhancements. Importance of having Hot Keys and mouse/keyboard shortcuts for fast browsing throughout application is one of the basic premises of the Essentials application. It has been improved throughout versions and now it is customizable with just the right amount of preferences: well optimized and intuitive with few options, yet so simple and fast that it is welcomed addition to the last OS X Lion.

It is now possible to single click on item to open it and cut down overall number of clicks. Pressing Option scroll wheel will cycle through groups and Option double click on items allows fast editing of designated item. Option for enabling and disabling Dock and menubar icons is added for customer convenience. Button for adding groups and items is added. Menu options are improved and become more intuitive.

Everybody who has Mac can benefit from Essentials:
Designed to be silent partner for every day Mac time, its design is unobtrusive and well thought and blends well in beautiful and clean Mac platform. It shows directly under mouse cursor when invoked via Hot Key. It fades out when it's out of focus. Just like faithful servant, always knows when needed and what and how to do it. All silent partners are powerful and supportive, so is Essentials 1.2. It pushes productivity in new direction with possibility of creating simple Terminal commands, something that is never seen before inside the application of that type. It is very time consuming doing the same actions every day, but having few previously defined Terminal commands scripts it is possible to drag&drop files/items on them and Essentials will do the rest. Blink of an eye.

Starting a project with bits and pieces of informations has never been easier, it is only necessary to drag&drop them in Essentials: all text clippings, colors from OS X standard palette, e-mails, PDF and image clippings. No need to bother to open and save different types of documents, just simple drag&drop. They are at disposal to drag&drop them for later anywhere needed. Even if there is forgotten piece of text that needs to be added to the existing one, simple drag&drop on that item will append it neatly below already saved text clipping without even opening the document. That is productivity.

Help and customer support:
Habitatus offers instant and complete customer support through their web site. Details about product features are at disposal in form of screenshots with detailed and simple instructions. There is Terminal commands help as well. Eager and fast in answering international e-mail requests and questions, Habitatus replies on every e-mail sent through the contact form on the web site. Demo version of Essentials can be downloaded from the web site as well.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later
* 0.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Essentials 1.2 is $6.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and available worldwide through the Mac App Store in the Productivity category.

Habitatus is small indie software development company dedicated to providing high quality software for OS X and iOS platforms. It is founded on April 3rd 2009 and based in Zagreb, Croatia. Its founders Dunja Despotovic and Jurica Beros, each have ongoing 10 years experience in marketing, design, print production and web/desktop/mobile programming for both PC and Mac. Habitatus is creating intuitive, easy to use, noteworthy and useful apps and software on demand including R&D that is project based on client needs. Copyright (C) 2009-2011 Habitatus. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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