InCube Chess (chess in 8x8x8 space): update, free version is available

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[] Kiev, Ukraine - "InCube Games" presented free version of revolutionary chess in real 3D field (8x8x8), and has updated the basic version of the program. And, on the eve of Christmas holidays, the price for the basic version of the program is lowered from 3.99 till 2.99.

The first revolutionary step to evolution of chess for last thousand years
and thing of which dzedajs could dream only.

Many fans of "StarWars" or "StarTrack" films remember short episodes where dzedajs or pilots play in something like three-dimensional chess. However even in the best fantastic serials computer chess was understood only as three-dimensional animated figures on a flat board. However the Ukrainian firm "InCube Games" has presented revolutionary realization of classical chess game in real three-dimensional space which is accessible to all Machintosh users for now, and soon, will be accessible to all iPad users as well.
InCube Chess is a new stage in evolution of the classic chess game, which is transferred into three-dimensional space. Overcoming limitations of two-dimensional classic chess, Chess InCube saves their traditions and basics, but invests a lot of new possibilities.
The transfer of the game into three-dimensional space is resulted to explosive increase the number of moves and variants of game course that brings to new tactical and strategic possibilities.

When we say "Three-dimensional chess" - the initiator of the project and the owner of the corresponding patent Yuri Radchenko speaks, - we do not mean "three-dimensional chessmen on chessboard", but we mean a chess program in really three-dimensional space (ChessCube). Two-dimensional game field in a frame X - Y (i.e. the chess board of 8x8 cells) is extended in the third measurement (axe Z is added). So the game field is converted into game space, into the space cube, consisting of 512 blocks-"cells". The pieces, instead of usual two-dimensional chess directions, can use new directions, due to new cubed space degree of freedom, completely preserving general rules of movement and interaction of ordinary chess pieces. That is in a vertical plane, or in vertical and horizontal planes simultaneously (i.e. on planes conducted through edges of "cells" in chess cube)".
"The most important - was underlined by the head programmer Yury Umanets, - is fact that game base versions really keeps the classical chess dynamism. Chess InCube saves usual rules for figures moving and rates of chess players, who participate in the game, but the number of variations during the game is increased at least for 10 times. It helps to avoid "theorization" and "forecasting" as it was during a usual chess match. We hope that the World will play Chess InCube because it is really cool and innovative!".
The developers said that it takes 10-20 minutes to catch the idea how to play, and accumulate to the new game rules, adopt to the game interface. In game it is possible to play both with the partner-person, and with the built-in robot, which has three levels of complexity. One can play as well with the built-in robot, as with the real partner, or friend.
The first version of a revolutionary variant of classical chess game was realized in 2000 for Windows platform, however IT crisis has prevented to finish working out. This time MacOS X and iOS are selected as the basic platform. The first high-grade version now can be got on AppStore only for 2.99$.

Maybe the exiting chess game in three-dimensional space is the most essential updating of this ancient game for last 1000 years. Anyway, Chess InCube is really offbeat game which is stand out on the usual game software background.
"InCube Chess" tossing a challenge to everyone who wants to check their intellectual power and spatial thinking!

Main improvements in version 3.1 that available in AppStore (both free and 2.99$ base version) right now:
support for 10.6 deployment targets
* fixed file type association bug
* battlefield look and feel improvements
* substantial drawing speedup
* added one more cube drawing option
* fixed billboard mode for pieces
* draw optimal move placeholder right away according with preferences change
* fixed moves scaling issue
* revised height of some pieces
* fixed sound playing issues while moving
* fixes in computer opponent that allows doing more reasonable moves in some cases
* pawn gets converted to queen when it really stands at enemy base (end of animation)
* show game play
* fixes in computer opponent that allows doing more reasonable moves in some cases
* pawn gets converted to queen when it really stands at enemy base (end of animation)
* show game players (for example, human vs. nouse) in window title
* fixed setting of non-english save file names in window title
* added auto save/load, so that current game state is always saved on quit and loaded on next application startup
* fixes in help and minor fixes and speedups everywhere

Device Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 or later
* 6.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
InCube-Chess 0.3.1 is $2.99 USD and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Games category. A free version is also available.

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, InCube Games was founded in 2011. All Material and Software (C) 2000-2011 InCube Games / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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