Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy - Scenario overview and screenshots

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[] The Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy Commonwealth Forces module offers 2 brand new campaigns, one from the Allied side and one from the German side. Both campaigns are semi-historical, in the sense that they are close to real events, and use real formations, that were found in the area of the conflict at the time, with fairly accurate force composition. However some liberties were taken to make the combat missions more interesting and varied.

In addition to the campaigns, there are also more than 20 stand alone missions using all the forces in the module in a many different situations.

The Commonwealth campaign:

The British campaign is titled 'The Scottish Corridor' (working title) and will largely focus on the actions of two Battalions during Operation Epsom, the 9th Cameronians and the 2nd Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders (ASH) with around 15 missions depending on results.

This campaign offers a great deal of the new Commonwealth kit, so players will get a good taste of everything that is packed in the module while fighting hugely diverse missions. The Cameronian missions are more combined arms and feature the heavies - Churchills and Sherman Fireflies - while the ASH missions are much ligher, Infantry-centric battles, including light armoured cars and Bren Gun carriers. This gives the campaign a nice variety of missions and allows the player to use almost everything the Commonwealth Forces have at the expense of only a bit of historical accuracy.

The German campaign:

The Axis campaign features the 2nd Panzer Division in the Falaise Pocket, and is semi-historical. The Falaise Pocket was chosen because it provides some unique opportunities for an exciting campaign with mixed German unit types.

One of the core concepts of the campaign is that the player begins with a company-sized &fgruppe for his core force. This Kampfgruppe has a little bit of everything; it is a self-contained and self-sufficient battle unit. This Kampfgruppe has been cobbled together from shattered remains of battalions within the regiment. As the player progresses in the campaign, some unique reinforcements will join his Kampfgruppe, for example, a section of engineers, or King Tigers, or a Lynx, etc.

During the campaign the player is fighting the US 90th Infantry Division, fending off the Canadians and battle his way through Polish forces.

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