Snowmint Creative Introduces Ultimate Pen 1.4.3

May 3, 2007 in Educational (F)

[] Ultimate Pen 1.4.3 is a software only solution which creates a full screen, transparent window, allowing you to draw on top of any application. Think of Ultimate Pen as an incredibly easy way to doodle on your computer screen. While it can be used for drawing on anything, it is particularly useful when working with presentation software. You may add notes, make comments, or add illustrations directly on the screen. You can use Ultimate Pen with a mouse directly or even better, a drawing tablet.

Since Ultimate Pen is a software only solution, there's no hardware required. While it will integrate well with pen and tablet hardware, it's right at home using a mouse too.

By default, Ultimate Pen draws in its own application layer. When Ultimate Pen is the active application, you can draw on the screen. When Ultimate Pen is in the background, so are your onscreen drawings. To stop drawing, simply switch to another application. Simple as that. This makes Ultimate Pen incredibly easy to use and prevents accidental drawing. You can also show/hide Ultimate Pen via a hotkey.

"...Your excellent little program, Ultimate Pen, has helped me for the past 2 years. Its simple, effective and rock-solid performance works seamlessly with any program, allows me to highlight portions of slides and sketch simple diagrams directly on the screen, making my lectures more professional looking and better understood. - Bruce F. Kinsey"

Ultimate Pen features all the necessary drawing, typing, and erasing tools you would find in any drawing package. It also features a color well that lets you quickly switch between basic colors or choose your own custom color. It's tool palette features tooltips, so you can easily sort out what a tool does by hovering over it with the cursor. Ultimate Pen supports saving to an image file, copy work to the clipboard, as well as allowing you to paste images to the drawing layer from the clipboard.

New Features in Version 1.4.3:
* Revised help pages for improved clarity and better navigation.
* Updated to universal binary version of eSellerate framework.
* Universal Binary: Works great on both Intel and PowerPC computers running Mac OS X.
* Clipboard Support: Copy and paste graphics to/from the clipboard.
* System Wide Hot Key: Draw or Hide your drawing with a single keystroke.
* Full Color: Draw with any color. Make quick color changes using keyboard shortcuts.
* Marquee Selection: Copy or Save a portion of any display, or simply slide your drawing around onscreen.
* Multiple Display Support: Enable/disable drawing on every display connected to your computer.
* Desktop Drawing: Can be set to draw on your desktop behind your icons.

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed initial location of tools palette for new users.

Supported Languages:
* US English, British English, Polish, German, Simplified Chinese, French, Italian

System Requirements:
* Requires Mac OS X v10.2 or later.
* 5 MB Hard Drive Space

Lifetime Free Upgrade Policy:
We assume 100% responsibility for your satisfaction. Once you buy one of our products, you won't have to pay for upgrades to the software again. When a new version of our software is made available, you may download the new version anytime. We are constantly improving our software by adding new features and fixing bugs, and you shouldn't have to pay again for those improvements.

Ultimate Pen comes with a 60-Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee, and can be downloaded and demoed for 40 launches or used on 20 different days, whichever comes first. Academic and volume licensing available upon request.

Committed to providing the highest quality software, Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC was founded in 2002 for the purpose of publishing personal productivity software solutions, with a major emphasis on total customer satisfaction. Snowmint Creative consists primarily of Ron Hooper and Kyle Hammon.

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