XChange Int'l Announce Batch Print and Grabber Line of XTensions

November 30, 2008 in Publishing (F)

[prMac.com] London, UK - XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide, are pleased to announce the release of Batch Print and the Grabber XTensions - Text Grabber, Tab Grabber, Math Grabber and Copy Grabber - for QuarkXPress 8. Batch Print for QuarkXPress(TM) assists in streamlining printing operations by allowing groups of QuarkXPress documents to be printed automatically. Documents can be output to any PostScript printer supported by QuarkXPress, and Batch Print supports output to disk file as well.

Batch Print is intuitive and very easy to use. The user simply navigates to the documents they wish to print and adds them to the "Print List". Batch Print can process hundreds of documents at a time. After selecting the documents and choosing the Page and Print setup values, the user just presses a button and Batch Print takes care of the rest. It will open each document, set up default Page/Print setup options and send each document to the selected printer. Batch Print handles every aspect of the printing operation including automatic updating of modified pictures, tracking EPS font and colour usage, tracking missing DCS plates, separation of document spot colours and much more. It also allows the user to keep a log file for each session so that they can start printing now and check for errors later.

In addition, Batch Print has a special option that lets the user print each page of a document as a separate print job or PostScript file as it allows the user to specify discontinuous page ranges. There is a Print Picture Names option for users who would like to catalogue their artwork. This option instructs Batch Print to output the name and/or dimensions of each graphic on top of every picture box in the document.

Text Grabber(TM) provides a unique new way for the QuarkXPress operator to select and modify text. Rather than drag-selecting text the old-fashioned way, the Text Grabber tool lets the user Marquee a complete page area instead. This selection method lets the user choose exactly which text they wish to change, spanning multiple text boxes if necessary. Any changes entered into the Text Grabber dialogue will be applied to all text within the marqueed area, regardless of which boxes contain the text. Users can change any text attribute they want: font, size, colour, track amount, scale or baseline shift. Text attributes associated with a favourite style sheet can even be loaded. The Apply button can be used to preview changes, and there is a Grabber Undo/Redo feature. Text Grabber is perfect for quickly changing complete columns within tabular composition.

Tab Grabber(TM) allows the user to select and modify tab settings without the need to edit Quark(TM) style sheets or change tab settings one at a time. Tab Grabber means the user doesn't have to drag-select their tabs the old-fashioned way, but instead can use the unique Tab Grabber Marquee tool and "grab" what they need to change. This selection method lets the user choose exactly which text and tab settings they wish to work with.

Math Grabber(TM) allows the user to perform mathematical calculations on numerical text appearing anywhere in a QuarkXPress document. Like all of the Grabbers, Math Grabber uses the unique Marquee method of text selection which makes working with tabular material (such as price charts or financial tables) incredibly fast and easy. Math Grabber is flexible, allowing the user to specify the exact precision of each calculation, or to automatically determine the correct precision by looking at the existing text. It lets the user create "separator sets" which can be recalled and applied at any time. This feature can be very useful, especially when working with mixed currency formats in the same document. And like all of the Grabber XTensions, Undo/Redo is fully supported.

Copy Grabber(TM), the latest in the Grabber line of XTensions, is ideal for the user who has ever wished that they could Cut, Copy and Paste an entire column of tabular copy in two easy steps. To use Copy Grabber, the user simply clicks on the Copy Grabber tool in the QuarkXPress tool palette and drags a marquee around the page area they wish to modify. When they release the mouse, the dialogue box appears allowing the user to Cut or Copy all of the text within the marquee area. In an instant, the user can remove a column of text and copy it to the special Copy Grabber clipboard. With the Smart Tabs feature, Copy Grabber eliminates the majority of cleanup work such as removing extra tab characters at the end of a line, or inserting a tab character if one is needed. The user can also paste a complete column of text just like they can with many sophisticated word processing systems.

Batch Print and the complete range of Grabber XTensions for QuarkXPress 8, as well as earlier versions, are available now through XChange International via electronic delivery worldwide. To order, or for more information, users can visit the website, or call on +44(0)20 7490 4455 during UK business hours.

XChange are a leading supplier of desktop graphic and publishing applications, QuarkXTension(R) technology; Adobe InDesign(R), Acrobat(R) and Photoshop(R) Plug-ins(R) and other design and publishing utilities. XChange offer extended technology products from across the world specific to the graphic design, print and publishing industries and make them available to an extensive user base via their printed catalogue or online at their web site. The company are headquartered in Central London and also offer specialist training on many of the solutions they sell.


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