Blotty Pots 1.0.4 for iOS - Turn Based, Chain Reaction, Strategy Game

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Miesbach, Germany - COBBLECROWD today is pleased to introduce Blotty Pots 1.0.4 for iOS, their turn based, chain reaction, strategy Game that challenges players to fill a grid of 16, 25, or 36 paint cans with their own color paint. A pot or can fills by 1/3 each time it is touched, and players can touch only one empty, neutral, or matching colored pot per turn. When a pot is full it overflows when touched, sending 1/3 of a can of paint into the cans located N, E, S, & W, making them all the same color. Played against the machine or handed back and forth between two players, the game seems simple until a single move causes a chain reaction of overflows, suddenly turning an overwhelming lead into a hopelessly lost position.

Blotty Pots is a fun game because it is filled with surprises and because of the sound effects and animation of splashing paint. Blotty Pots is an outstanding game because it successfully realizes a simple premise, making it an "easy to learn but difficult to master" pastime. Blottly Pots is a captivating game because, akin to checkers or draughts, it contains subtle complexities and can be played casually, seriously, or at competition levels.

The game offers a choice of three different initial setups. Users can select a four by four grid of paint cans (16 total), a five by five array (25), or a six by six matrix (36). The game also offers three different levels of machine play, where the user plays against the machine: Easy, Medium, and Hard. Lastly, players have a choice regarding "Prefill," whether or not a random number of pots are filled with a random amount of neutral colored paint at the start of play (assuring a game is unlikely to ever be repeated). When two players play against each other, only the Easy, Medium, and Hard option is absent.

Paint cans are signified by empty circles. Touched the first time, a small circle of solid yellow is created inside the circle. Touched the second time (at any time during the game), the solid yellow circle grows to fill much of the circle. Touched the third time, the pot is completely filled, and the solid yellow paint indicator is as large as the circle. Touched the fourth time, the pot overflows, sending 1/3 of a pot of paint into the cans directly above and below, as well as directly left and right. The original pot is now only 1/3 full; all the pots that received overflow are now yellow and contain 1/3 more paint. In short, touching a full yellow pot leaves all four surrounding pots yellow (in its only sacrifice of logic for playability, the game ignores the impossibility of 4/3 overflowing in four 1/3 splashes and still leaving 1/3 of a pot of paint remaining).

Herein lies the excitement of Blotty Pots. Once a pot has any blue paint in it (the opponent's color), the player cannot touch it. However, the player can change four blue pots to yellow with just a single touch of a full yellow pot. And this can be the start of a multi-iteration chain reaction, because if any overflow hits a full pot, then that pot will overflow in four directions, with difficult to calculate final results.

Feature Highlights:
* Score 1 point for each 1/3 of a pot of paint that goes into any pot during the player's turn
* Winner is the player with the highest score at the end of the game
* Game ends when one player has no possible play (all pots are the same color)
* Paint cans or pots fill 1/3 at a time and then overflow in four directions
* Play by turns
* Single player game against the machine (Easy, Medium, Hard)
* Two-player game, where players pass the iOS device back and forth
* Start with 16, 25, or 36 blotty pots
* Create a chain reaction when a full pot overflows and hits another full pot

"Blotty Pots has some similarities to the hit game Bubble Blast, because they both feature chain reactions that spread in four directions," commented Martin Leidel. "But Blotty Pots is not a series of puzzles with unique solutions. It is an unpredictable, two-player game with an unlimited number of variations and possibilities for gameplay."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* Requires iOS 3.2 or later (iOS 5 tested)
* 7.9 MB Full version
* 5.9 MB Lite version

Pricing and Availability:
Blotty Pots 1.0.4 for iOS is $0.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Blotty Pots LITE 1.0.4 for iOS is free. Windows Phone and Android versions of both apps are available for $0.99 (Full) and free (Lite).

Located in Miesbach, Germany, COBBLECROWD was founded by Martin Leidel in 2011. Martin Leidel does the programming and Susann Oehring does the artwork. This team is creating a variety of apps, not only games, for all three main platforms - iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone 7. Copyright (C) 2011 Cobblecrowd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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