Forgetful? Instant Recall Machine for the Apple iPad Launched

December 19, 2011 in Productivity (E)

[] Campbell, California - INFOMATO(R) Inc. today unveiled a major update for iQue, its free mobile app that transforms the iPad into a powerful memory aid. No longer will the busy and overwhelmed need to add more details to their already overtaxed brains. iQue's technology centers on psychological principles of memory association and recognition to complement brain memory. What is your 2012 New Year's Resolution? Why not let your iPad recall processes and minimize stress levels?

iQue works by integrating itself with the process of how your brain recalls forgotten information, and then streamlines this process using INFOMATO's patented technology. When something important needs recalled, human nature is to rely first on hints (memory association) to jog the memory. With luck, the relevant information will pop into the short term memory banks for easier retrieval. iQue makes memory association easy, effective, and reliable utilizing computer technology that draws relationships rapidly and without fail, unlike the human brain. By tapping into the strength of recognition memory, iQue provides an age-proof solution. Studies show that the ability to deliberately recall details can drop to 50 or 60% by the attainment of age 65, whereas the capacity of recognition memory remains at the level of an 18-year old. iQue taps into this strength by design and establishes a close complementary relationship with the human brain. Making use of associated lists to jog your recognition memory is vital. Consider these following examples:

1. Cardiologist Dr. Shenasa, or heart doctor?
2. Psyllium seed, or constipation remedies?
3. Clopidogrel bisulfate, or chest pain drug?
4. T-cell lymphotropic virus type III, or AIDS virus?
5. La Couronne Cafe, or affordable French restaurant?
6. Konnichiwa, or Japanese hello?
Which is easier, and which would you rather remember?

Using iQue to build associations exchanges a hard- to-remember term with one, or a set of easy, intuitive terms. Using one of the above examples, entering "drug", the keyword "chest pain drug," is recalled, and will bring up a list of reminders. The associated memory will be able to identify quickly the term "clopidogrel bisulfate" simply because it's been seen before. Without iQue, the brain will need to exam countless threads to find the right one, a painful and unreliable process. With iQue, this inefficient brain taxing process is replaced by the latest lightning fast technology.

In this latest revision of iQue, the user interface is completely revamped to take advantage of iPad's larger screen. The app has three major user interface views, and in landscape mode, all three views are visible. On the other hand, with the iPad in portrait mode, a larger view is displayed one at a time; hopping between views by tapping a tab bar at the bottom of the screen is simple. Pressing and holding any keyword or reminder creates a yellow sticker containing it. This convenient feature allows continuous trains of thought, but does not lose track of any subjects of interest encountered along the route.

iQue is free and available through Apple's iTunes Store. Chosen in 2010 by Apple Craver as one of the top 11 productivity apps; it was cited on April 2, 2011 by Chile's largest news paper, El Mercurio, for its ability to assist senior's memory.

INFOMATO, Inc. was founded and registered in California, USA in 2005 with a unique mission to develop innovative software technologies. INFOMATO is a registered trademark. Dr. Lo can be reached at 1-650-206-2314. Copyright (C) 2011 INFOMATO, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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