SmartHF Releases First Wi-Fi Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone, iPad

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[] Norwalk, Connecticut - SmartHF announces the launch of the SmartHRM Wi-Fi Fitness Heart Rate Monitor - the first heart rate monitor offering iPhones and iPad users a way to directly and wirelessly link to their iPhones for easy heart rate tracking while running, cycling or working out. The benefits of the SmartHRM Wi-Fi Monitor include:

* No Adapter Needed to Connect or Upload: The SmartHRM Wi-Fi communicates directly and wirelessly with the iPhone and iPad - unlike ANT systems and other solutions that require a dongle or extra steps to connect to their iPhone.

* No Pairing Needed: The SmartHRM Wi-Fi does not have to be paired like a Bluetooth device, providing an easy user-friendly experience.

* Compatible with All iPhones and iPad: The SmartHRM Wi-Fi monitor works with iPad and iPhone 3, 3g, 4, and 4S, using Wi-Fi connectivity between the monitor and the iPhone.

* Instant Feedback via Fitness Apps: Working with compatible fitness apps, the monitor lets users track heart rate, as well as pace, distance and other variables. Instant feedback provides users with information they can use to improve their work out and get the most out of their efforts. Current apps include SportyPal, CardioMapper and SmartHRM Wi-Fi Fitness.

* Track Fitness Online via Automatic Upload - Each workout or activity is automatically uploaded to the Web where users can review their heart rate, distance, pace, calories and other metrics over time. Dashboards vary by app and usually include other features, such as sharing progress with friends and fitness coaches and tracking against goals.

* No "Cross Talk" Interference - Users do not have to worry about interference from other heart rate monitors while working out in a gym or fitness center.

* Listen to Your Playlist -Users can listen to their favorite playlists while they record their workout data. Apps for iPod touch should be released in early 2012 allowing users to record their heart rate on their iPod.

* Use Indoors or Outside: The monitor creates its own Wi-Fi network, which communicates with the iPhone at an impressive range of over 50 yards. That means that users can take the monitor anywhere: they can tuck the iPhone in an armband or pouch while running in the woods, cycling in the streets, or running on a treadmill.

"Wi-Fi has advantages over ANT and watch-based heart rate monitors," explained Dale Hollingsworth, President. "You do not need dongles or other adapters to access your data. The monitor talks directly to the iPhone and the app automatically uploads your data to the Web. Today, iPhone users are running and cycling with their phones so they can listen to their playlists - now they can record their fitness data at the same time. The Wi-Fi connected heart rate monitor we have developed is the first of its kind and we feel it has the potential to be a game changer. Customers will find it is much easier to use then Bluetooth and ant technologies, and is easier for app developers to incorporate it into their development of new apps."

Pricing and Availability:
The SmartHRM Wi-Fi Fitness Heart Rate Monitor is available for $129.00 (USD) at SmartHF online. Other Features include a long-lasting rechargeable battery (six hours/charge) and one-year warranty.

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