HyperQuality Receives PCI Compliance Certification

December 5, 2008 in Services (F)

[prMac.com] Seattle, WA - HyperQuality, Inc. the premier contact center business intelligence firm, announced today that it has received certification of PCI-DSS - Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard - for its quality assurance services and reporting software from the Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) - Control Case.

HyperQuality is the nation's leading provider of business intelligence and management services focused on the quality, productivity and effectiveness of customer interactions. The company evaluates customer service interactions for many of the largest financial and banking institutions in the United States. The company is responsible for securing information for millions of credit card members every year.

HyperQuality is one of the first quality evaluation companies to achieve Level 1 Service Provider status. "Our clients trust us with their customer's financial information," said Chris Coles, HyperQuality's President and CEO. "We are committed to privacy, security and maintaining the highest performance for the industry."

The PCI Security Standards Council is an independent body formed to develop, enhance, disseminate and assist with implementation of security standards for payment account security. It was founded by American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB, MasterCard Worldwide, and Visa International.

Founded in 2003, HyperQuality is the leading provider of third-party quality assurance and business intelligence for contact centers. With a strong focus on call center operations, the company evaluates millions of interactions annually between contact center agents and customers and, using advanced analytics, generates actionable feedback to drive performance improvement. Ultimately, HyperQuality helps companies - including some of the most well-known names in the travel, retail, financial services, education and utility industries - improve the quality and effectiveness of their customer interactions. In addition to quality evaluations, HyperQuality collects, evaluates and analyzes other forms of customer data, including customer and employee surveys; shopping experiences and marketing programs. HyperQuality is a global business with corporate headquarters at 1118 Post Avenue in Seattle. For more information, call (206) 283-7119.