MediaCentral improves compatibility with the new TubeStick

December 7, 2008 in Software (F)

[] South San Francisco, USA / Munich, Germany - equinux releases MediaCentral. Version 2.8.3 has just been made even more attractive for all users who want to transform their Mac into a media center. MediaCentral 2.8.3 supports the newest TubeStick mini from equinux and two additional TV receivers from Hauppauge. This brings the number of TV receivers compatible with MediaCentral 2.8.3 to over 20.

MediaCentral 2.8.3 presents even more brilliant and sharp digital TV with the new mini TubeStick. Moreover, Mac users who live in areas of weaker DVB-T / DTT reception or who want to watch analog TV can enjoy two additional Hauppauge receivers: MediaCentral 2.8.3's current device driver supports both the Nova-TD (Diversity) and HVR 900 (Hybrid) TV receivers.

"We're excited to have once again clearly enhanced MediaCentral for many users," says equinux CEO, Till Schadde. "With over 20 TV receivers supported in MediaCentral, we're proving our commitment to providing great media solutions for Mac.

MediaCentral 2.8.3 has also updated its offer of available IPTV channels and current movie trailers to make the multi-media center on Mac even more fun.

MediaCentral is available in the equinux Online Store from 29.95 Euro (incl. VAT). The new TubeStick mini costs 49.95 Euro (incl. VAT) and is now available in a double-pack for only 79.95 Euro in the Online Store. In addition, equinux offers Hauppauge's Nova-TD Diversity-Stick and HVR 900 Hybrid-Stick, each of which costs 79.95 Euro (incl. VAT). Both come with the modern TV software, The Tube and can be bought directly in the equinux Online Store.

MediaCentral integrates all media into a single application and transforms your Mac into a home theater or information center. The media-center solution from equinux supports all important audo and video formats, IP TV, movies, DVD, IP radio, music, games, pictures and Skype. In addition, it is compatible with over 20 TV receivers.

equinux with headquarters in Munich, Germany and South San Francisco, USA, develops and distributes market-leading software solutions for the Mac-platform, both for private and professional users. The business software, VPN Tracker is the leading VPN Client for the Macintosh platform. iSale, equinux's successful eBay auctioning solution won several Apple Design Awards, and currently represents the 2006 winner in the most competitive category "Best Mac OS X User Experience".