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[prMac.com] Koeln, Germany - The TimeTours app about Chichen Itza and upcoming apps 'TimeTours: Uxmal' & 'TimeTours: Palenque' have a focus on the history affine traveller. Being inherently educational already TimeTours will concentrate much more on their educational aspect in the future.

2012 marks a special date for the Maya and at the same time means new directions for TimeTours to explore. 'The Time Traveler's Kids' is a weekly comic that with every episode explains a fact about Mayan life in a fun and educational way. 'TimeTours: The Maya' - a collection of the 3 Mayan TimeTours apps will be marketed in the AppStore Education section and feature all episodes of 'Time Traveler's Kids' including additional information for each episode.

At the same time TimeTours will expand into gaming, focusing on iOS Devices iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Fitting the year 2012 and one of the core competences of TimeTours two of the games will focus on the Maya - '2012: A Maya Odyssey' (release date 06/21/2012) and 'Conquerors of the Sun' (release date 12/20/2012).

iGamerz.de did a little interview with Martin Gruhn, (Co-)Founder of TimeTours, here is a small excerpt:

iGamerz: 'How did it come that TimeTours now expands their portfolio with games?'

Martin Gruhn: 'Computer- and Video Games have been a huge part of my life, in the days of the Amiga some games were developed and in the late 90s our (former) team developed 'Vermeer' for german game publisher Ascaron. Now that the graphical assets are available as well as the experience in app development, it came naturally to our minds to enter the game business again.'

iGamerz: 'Will the TimeTours games be as historically accurate as the TimeTours travel guides?'

Martin Gruhn: 'We want to produce games, not interactive history lessons. If somebody craves for more information after playing the games, the classical TimeTours apps are a perfect source for that.'

iGamerz: 'So will the classical TimeTours apps take a step back now?'

Martin Gruhn: 'On the contrary. The TimeTours games will be produced by a seperate team that uses the 3D-Models made for the classical travel apps. The more successful the games are, the earlier we can start working on projects like Egypt or ancient Greece.'

And so it fits perfectly that the first TimeTours game takes place in the roman empire and will herald the advent of a series of travel and educational apps about ancient Rome. More about this and the two other games will be revealed in their huge 2012 calendar countdown. Until 12/23/2012 every day will come with wallpapers, prints, developer diaries, contests, horoscopes and of course new episodes of 'The Time Traveler's Kids'.

'The Time Traveler's Kids' will also get their own newsstand app in January and will be published in the 'Deutsche Mexiko Zeitung', a biweekly magazine for germans living in Mexico.

At the same time TimeTours keep their promise to always extend their existing apps. 'TimeTours: Chichen Itza' will get the first 'augmented panorama' where users can overlay the 360 panorama of todays ruins with ancient architecture and Mayan people. In addition to that further minigames and comic episodes will be added to the Chichen Itza app regularely. An illustrated and animated timeline to be introduced in 'TimeTours: The Maya' will find its way into all the Mayan apps.

Located in Koeln, Germany, the TimeTours team is an independent software company founded by Martin Gruhn in June of 2010. With their strong blend of design and development skills, TimeTours is dedicated to offering the highest possible historical accuracy in 3D reconstructions for mobile devices. They work with talented 3D artists from Spain, Mexico, and the United States. Copyright (C) 2011 Martin Gruhn. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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