Design your own iPhone 4 and 4S Case from Case Hut

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[] Bournemouth, United Kingdom - Case Hut is pleased to announce the immediate ability to design your very own iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3GS and BlackBerry Curve & Bold Cases. All you need to do is provide an image or design that is at least 300dpi (standard quality image) which doesn't need to be stretched and it will be printed on to a Hard Snap-on Case for your phone!

The possibilities are endless! Make your Phone unique by giving it a personal touch. 'Design your own Case' allows you to put a picture or image of your choice onto a Physical hard case. Use any image, design or photograph to customise your Phone Case. The Cases are printed using the latest in printing technology to produce vibrant and high resolution images which also print around the edge.

Examples include:
* A picture of your favourite film star
* Your favourite pop star
* Your football/rugby team logo
* Photos of your favourite pet(s)
* Photos of loved ones
* Funky designs/patterns

You are only limited by your imagination, you provide the image and we can print it. 'Design your own Case' also make great gifts for birthdays, special occasions and loved ones. 'Design your own Case' is the perfect solution to protect your mobile smartphone whilst adding a unique touch.

We print at 300dpi which means your image should be at least this. It can be less but this means the quality is sacrificed. Remember, the higher the quality of the photo or Image is, the better your personalised case will be. Please note this service is for United Kingdom residents only.

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