MacVector Inc - Announces the Release of MacVector 12.5

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[] Cambridge, United Kingdom - MacVector, Inc has released MacVector 12.5; a major update with many new and enhanced features that further simplifies DNA and protein sequence analysis for all molecular biologists. This release is aimed at improving sequence alignments and adding further support for NGS assembly.

In MacVector 12.5 Muscle and T-coffee have been added to the Multiple Sequence Alignment editor, complementing the existing ClustalW algorithm. Performance has been increased in many areas as well as many tools been redesigned for easier usage.

Assembler will now support Bowtie assemblies of FastQ data with variant calling of reference alignments in Assembler has been added with SNP Reporting in the Align to Reference SNP tab enhanced to report differences between the consensus and reference sequences, including any amino acid changes that the change would have on any CDS feature belonging to the reference.

MacVector, Inc's President, Dr. Kevin Kendall, said "With this release we've concentrated on improving performance and giving users more options to align their sequences. We've very pleased to bring Muscle and T-Coffee especially since these are often requested by users. We've increased the performance of existing alignment options. ..and of course with the addition of Bowtie, we're giving the user an easy way to make sense of their next generation sequence data. With this tool you can create genome sized assemblies on even quite modestly powered Macs. "

System Requirements:
MacVector 12.5 is fully supported on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion), Leopard and Snow Leopard.

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