Deep 1.0 for OS X - Image search by Color, Palette and More

December 9, 2008 in Publishing (E)

[] Toronto, Canada - Ironic Software is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Deep 1.0 - Image Search for OS X. Finding images is always a challenge on any system, as most images will not have descriptive names. Searching using text can be useful, but more often than not, doesn't work.

Ironic Software has developed technology to allow the searching of images by color and palette, which is a major breakthrough for personal computers. Picking a specific spot color from a web page or anywhere else will show all your images with this color. Perhaps more powerful, though is the ability to search by palette - Deep will return images that have similar palettes to any image you select. In addition to this color search, Deep allows searching by pixel count, aspect ratio, location, tags and text.

With a consumer and small business friendly price tag of $34, Deep is an easy to use alternative to programs like Adobe Bridge and iView multimedia.

The palette search capability, dubbed 'Genius search' in the program, allows users to find all the images that share similar colors to a dragged in or selected image. For instance, finding a small thumbnail sized jpeg image created for web deployment is good, but when using the Genius search, Deep locates the original Photoshop document, the retouched version of it that went into an ad, and several similar images.

Unlike many other image browser / organizer programs, Deep does not import images into a database, or require all the images to be located in a specific library. This allows it to be used on most setups, without altering current workflows.

Deep also includes the ability to search inside an iPhoto Library - including the color matching capabilities. Email attachments are another place on your computer where many important images may lie hidden. The program allows you to browse and search these with ease, opening the relevant email for you when you select an image that is an attachment.

Other Features:
* Core Animation for fast image rendering
* search by tag, location, aspect ratio, and image size
* restrict results to one image type, or show them all
* tagging images is fast and easy
* fast full screen mode

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard or higher
* Intel processor

Located near Toronto, Canada, Ironic Software was founded in 2006 by Tom Andersen and Ted Leckie. Ironic Software has produced such products as Yep - "iPhoto for PDFs" and Leap - "search, find, explore". In the past, Tom and Ted also wrote Starry Night - an astronomy application. All Material and Software (C) 2006-2008 Ironic Software / All Rights Reserved. Apple, Adobe and iView, are registered trademarks of Apple, Adobe and Microsoft.


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