All Before Dawn Solutions Application 50-90% off in Mac App Store

January 14, 2012 in Web Design (E)

[] Highlands Ranch, Colorado - Before Dawn Solutions Announces the following sales on the Mac App Store, 90% off of Nuggit Express, 50% off of skEdit Express, and 50% off of Better Link Tester Express. This is a great opportunity to pick up some great apps at very attractive prices.

Nuggit Express Features:
* Syntax coloring for Javascript, PHP, Action Script, ASP, Python, Ruby on Rails, SQL, Perl, Apple Script and more
* Code folding
* Code Hinting - display suggestions as you type
* Code Quick linking.
* Rich and Extensible Code Snippets library
* Rich and extensible Utility scripts, script can be added with extensions
* Configurable editor and file management
* Support Apple Scriptable
* Tabbed windows to edit multiple files without clutter
* Code navigator to quickly jump between sections of code
* Line numbering
* Bracket matching
* Block indenting
* Syntax-aware indenting
* Automatically replace character entities as they are typed
* Support for a wide array of text encodings
* End-tag completion
* Automatically save every N seconds
* Customizable and shareable syntax highlighting themes
* Quick search to quickly find text in a document
* Color blender and hexadecimal converter
* Library of character entities

Better Link Tester (BLT) Express:
The Better Link Tester (BLT) application is an automated Website Link testing application, it will validate that all links and images resolve to actual content being returned. It is a tremendous tool that will save you hours of time checking all of the links and your website, and it will stop you from being embarrassed by your boss and co-workers for having broken links on your site.

Better Link Tester (BLT) will find all of those broken links display the results in a flat view or a tree view. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can generate a report in a CSV/Text format, HTML, or even export it to OmniGraffle. BLT honors the robots.txt file on the server that you are checking so that it doesn't get overwhelmed with the additional traffic, you can even change the User Agent so you can check browser specific settings on the server, the code or the HTML.

skEdit Express:
skEdit Express is a text editor with a focus on web development. It includes features to assist in the editing of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, Python, ASP, Ruby/Rails, SQL, ActionScript and ColdFusion. These features include an integrated Project View to easily edit an entire project of files, syntax highlighting, code-completion and hinting, integrated SFTP/FTP/WebDAV for file transfers and editing, Tidy integration to clean files, powerful search and replace on single and multiple files with support regular expressions, snippets to store frequently used sections of text, and more.

* Support for HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Perl, and more
* Project View, and Remote file management via ftp/SFTP, WebDav
* Integration with Tidy HTML validator
* Powerful Search and replace on single and multiple files, with Regular Expressions
* Code Snippets, store frequently used sections of text

Pricing and Availability:
All applications are available immediately from the Mac App Store. Nuggit Express is available for $0.99, skEdit Express is available for $12.99 and Better Link Tester (BLT) Express is available for $9.99. This offer ends January 16, 11:59:59 so act fast to great a deal on some great software.

Before Dawn Solutions was started in 2003, and specializes in custom application development for customers, we also offer hosting services. Before Dawns Solutions, also develops and maintains, websites. Before Dawn Solutions has several iPhone/iPad/iPod applications in development, which will be released shortly. Copyright (C) 2003-2012 Before Dawn Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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