BinaryNights releases ForkLift 1.6 for OS X

December 10, 2008 in Networks and FTP (E)

[] Budapest, Hungary - BinaryNights is pleased to announce the release of ForkLift 1.6, an exciting and free upgrade to the fastest and most powerful file management and transfer utility for the Mac. ForkLift takes the best of Finder: the simplicity of the interface coupled with granite functionality. This includes the Sidebar, Favorites, QuickLook, etc, but adding the ability to connect to FTP/SFTP/WebDAV servers, manage Amazon S3 and iDisk accounts, batch rename, archives and more.

This exciting new release is introducing a revolutionized user interface that is opening a new chapter in versatility and workflow perfection in file management. The most spectacular change is the option to switch between Single Pane and Dual Pane modes, complemented with a new Tabs management policy and a generally increased modularization and versatility of the UI. The 1.6 upgrade also includes extended and improved keyboard controls, including keyboard based item selection and navigation across volumes, and an improved adaptation of the Finder and Commander default keybinding sets.

Version 1.6 also brings a series of important fixes, most importantly, a fix for the tenacious Move bug from 1.5.x versions, with the Move command now working across different volumes. We've also fixed a number of smaller FTP and SFTP bugs, and some issues relating to WebDAV.

New in ForkLift 1.6
* Single/Dual Pane Mode
* Separated Tabs management
* Tabs remembered on restart
* Path Navigator drag&drop
* Keyboard selection
* Volume Quick List from keyboard
* Reworked Finder/TC keyboard controls
* Redesigned Info Panel
* Automatic folder size calculation
* Retains calculated folder sizes
* Open in New Tab
* Open in Opposite Pane
* improved Color Labels

* Move bug across different volumes fixed
* FTP/SFTP/WebDAV bugfixes

Along with the new release, BinaryNights is also proud to announce the release of a ForkLift wiki that contains the complete user documentation for the app.

There are four of us at BinaryNights; all of us come from different IT backgrounds. We were originally involved with developing J2EE enterprise applications for telecommunication enterprises, like T-mobile. We bought our first Mac in early 2006 and immediately fell in love with the concept. It was obvious that this is a much more progressive market to develop applications for. Desktop application development was an exciting opportunity to shift to from the repetitive enterprise tasks.


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