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Black Cat Systems Releases RF Toolbox version 3.3.0

Westminster, MARYLAND    May 07, 2007 in Software


WESTMINSTER, MD (May 3, 2007) - Black Cat Systems ( announces that version 3.3.0 of RF Toolbox, an antenna and electronics design program, has been released and is now available. The latest version adds universal binary support, as well as a resistor color code calculator.


[] RF Toolbox is an antenna design package for amateur (ham) radio operators, and other radio enthusiasts, as well as those in the communications professions. It takes you step by step through the design of the following types of antennas:

* Dipole
* Fat Dipole
* Yagi
* J-Pole
* Super J-Pole
* Log Periodic
* Cubic Quad
* Vertical
* helical

It also performs the following calculations:

* Transmission Line Calculations
* Coil Design
* LC Filter Design
* Transmission Line Loss
* L Matching Networks
* Pi Matching Networks
* Impedance Calculations
* Wire Inductance Calculations
* Wire Gauge and Resistance and Voltage Drop
* dB Ratio Calculations
* Resistor Color Code

RF Toolbox is available for Mac OS X and MacOS 8/9, as well as Windows and Linux. A fully functional demo copy of RF Toolbox may be downloaded from the web site. The URL is


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Black Cat Systems creates and distributes Macintosh and Windows software, with a specific emphasis on programs for the scientific, amateur radio, and health markets. Information about Black Cat Systems entire line of products can be found at


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