Flying Pig releases Edouard 1.0 - Mac-based Enterprise Resource Planning

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[] Cupertino, California - Today, Flying Pig is proud to announce the release of Edouard 1.0, a Mac-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, designed for small and medium-sized businesses who are searching for an innovative approach to resource management.

Edouard (pronounced "Edward") supports classic business needs, such as inventory management, contacts, purchases, sales, production, accounting and more, with an unprecedented ease of use. It also provides external access points through several interfaces, such as Import and Export schemes, to extract or inject data directly into its database.

For ease of use, Edouard is a self-maintainable program, using a client/server architecture. It is intended to be maintained without the need of expensive external support, while still providing complete support for multiple users and collaboration. Working hand in hand with small and medium-sized businesses for the past six years, Flying Pig remains committed to continue improving Edouard, keeping up its efforts to provide more features with frequent and free minor updates.

Edouard is a native OS X application written in Objective-C 2.0/Cocoa and built on top of a PostgreSQL 9.0 database. The program requires an Intel Mac running 10.6.8 or higher and is compatible with Lion. Edouard is available today for the US market, as well as Canada, the UK and France, using the following pricing (in US dollars).

Client licenses are available for the one-time price of $499 (USD) per user.

Flying Pig offers several server scenarios:
A shared cloud server at $49 per month, which supports up to 9 users
A shared cloud server at $399 a month, which supports up to 99 users.
A dedicated cloud server at $599 a month, which supports up to 99 users, with a $99 installation fee.
An in-house server, available first quarter 2012, on the customer's own hardware, with a one-time fee of $1600, which supports unlimited users.

Flying Pig encourages customers to try the online demo, using one of our servers, at the product page. For more information please visit Flying Pig online.

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