myHealthbox adds support for the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania

in Medical (F)

[] Milano, Italy - myHealthbox, the largest European drugs information service, started with the clear objective of promoting the safe and informed use of medicinal products by making the best possible information available to everyone on any device.

myHealthbox is pleased to announce full coverage for medicines and healthcare products sold in the following countries: Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. Medicines' details and information leaflets are available for all products sold in those countries on any of the supported devices. Pharmacies addresses and phone numbers are immediately available through any of the dedicated mobile clients.

myHealthbox(R) is a solution for the design and distribution of an enhanced, digital version (eLeaflet(R)) of the paper-based patient information leaflets commonly found in healthcare products packaging; myHealthbox(R) provides an answer to both the consumers' and the healthcare industry's needs. Compared to the traditional paper-based leaflet the eLeaflet(R) is fully multimedia enabled and allows the distribution of images, video and text without size or formats limitations.

The basic idea behind this is the need of establishing a direct channel between the producer and the consumer thus allowing the provisioning of a number of value added services such as: real time information and leaflets updates, direct marketing and DTCA (Direct To Consumer Advertising) through the use of advanced mobile devices (smartphones, tablets and eReaders).

The end result is not only the digitalization of a paper leaflet but a totally new concept with added search and navigation functionalities, enriched with full multimedia capabilities and distributed purely through digital channels. The actual content is product specific and totally customized but some parts are present in almost all products: a textual description of how best to use a medicine, information about the manufacturer and the helpline numbers, the adverse reaction form and the links to follow in order to obtain further information.

The advantages of such a solution are obvious: on the one side the consumer receives in a simple and effective way precise information about the medicines he/she is interested in and can navigate this information through a standardized paradigm; on the other side the producer can establish a direct link with its customers with clear advantages in terms of product safety, marketing and brand loyalty.

myHealthbox(R) adopts a simple and straightforward process to communicate adverse reactions. Collected information is sent directly to the pharmaceutical company which will then follow up the case according to the specific country guidelines.

As with all medicinal content eLeaflet(R) content follows the same approval route as other information related to medicines including the information included in the paper leaflets, the specific approval process is country specific.

myHealthbox(R) information is updated in real-time and available through a number of devices and clients. The eLeaflet(R) and related services are distributed via a generic web client or a dedicated client available for the most common mobile platforms.

myHealthbox, an Italy based company, provides a solution to replace the paper-based technology and provision this information in digital format through an electronic version of the information leaflet. With our products and services we want to improve the connection between users of healthcare-related products and the companies supplying those products thus improving the quantity and quality of information that is available on these products. Copyright (C) 2012 myHealthbox. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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