Limit Point Software releases MovieInfoCM 1.0

December 17, 2008 in Utility (F)

[] Port Jefferson, New York - Limit Point Software announces MovieInfoCM, a contextual menu plugin used for displaying the properties of movie files as entries of the Finder's contextual menu. Multi-file selection is supported. Properties displayed include frame count, codec name, sound format, data size, display name, creation and modification dates.

Using MovieInfoCM is easy. After installation select one or more movie files in the Finder and then "control click" on the selection, i.e. hold down the control key as you click your mouse down on the selection. After the Finder's contextual menu is displayed navigate to the "Movie Info" item to display the submenu containing the values of various movie properties for each selected file.

The following properties are currently supported:
* Copyright
* Display Name
* File's URL
* Frame Count (optional)
* Duration (hr, min, sec)
* Creation Time
* Modification Time
* Dimensions
* Data Size
* Codec Name
* Sound Format

Use the system preference pane to specify which menu items are displayed. Presently you can only specify if you want the frame count displayed because this value is computed on the fly, which can take some time.

MovieInfoCM is a member of the Limit Point Software Utilities Bundle that consists of a wide array of small task oriented programs: movie and image processing, file management, batch email, web crawling, URL resource downloading, and much more. Register once and own all of them. Upgrades are always free, and new products are always included.

Limit Point Software has been avidly developing software for the Mac community since 1997. In order to improve the usefulness, simplicity and dependability of our products user feedback has always been highly welcome and encouraged. Our products cover a diverse range of applications. The internet applications include bulk emailing, HTML form processing, web crawling and document indexing and searching. The "Utilities" suite is a large collection of small programs for combining movies, processing images in batch, file property editing, and much, much more.


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