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[] Alexandria, Virginia - Vito Technology, an awarded developer of top education iOS apps is proud to announce that its bestsellers Star Walk (stargazing guide), Solar Walk (3D Solar System model) and Geo Walk (new kind of encyclopedia) have been successfully used during classes by educators around the world. Vito Technology is delighted to share first hand testimonials from happy educators who have implemented their technology to life.

Educators claim that using Solar Walk has proved to change classroom atmosphere to engage students and make complicated material more available:

"I used this app recently when teaching Year 9 BTEC students about the composition of the Solar System and the some what unbelievable sizes of planets and our galaxy. Students were engaged from the start as I had chosen to project the animation of the solar system rotating slowly on the board as the pupils arrived. A darkened room and the music playing set the scene for the lesson and I was pleased and amazed by the engagement of the students throughout the lessons as this app made the lesson more accessible to all students. Students where required to research all of the different planets in the solar system and produce a scale drawing of the solar system by the end of the lesson." by Smartlearning Teacher of Science at Priority Community School Weston Super Mare.

"Solar Walk gives your students a realistic look at the Solar System. The time machine feature is excellent and will help students visualize the changes in the Solar System over time. Let your students take a virtual field trip to the planet of their choice to explore and report back to the class about. Students can become astronauts and take a virtual "rocket" ride, flying to the planet of choice, getting an in-depth look at the planet, and exploring each of the planets moons." by iPad Curriculum.

"Even though my students watched Solar Walk on a small screen, they felt like they experienced the solar system as they had read in Lucy and Stephen Hawking's book "George's Secret Key to the Universe" (yep, he wrote a kids novel). In that book a powerful computer can open a portal to show young George the planets. That is precisely what my classroom of children will pretend if we can manipulate Solar Walk on our large interactive screen!"
Greg Kroening, Burroughs Community School

Star Walk in Education:
"Students at Hawaii Preparatory Academy are among the many who are working with Star Walk. Seeing and learning about the night sky and the star systems in a highly interactive way creates immediate learning to many in a way that has never been possible. Through the time machine and search function, students can discover constellations in a way that was never possible before. Interactive education is a great way for students to learn, and this app delivers a truly interactive star system. Many educators are now introducing apps such as Star Walk into the classroom to enhance the education experience, and to keep students engaged and interested." Dave V, TopEducationalApps.

The developers will visit iWorld Macworld to showcase updated apps.

Pricing and Availability:
Star Walk - 5 Stars Astronomy Guide 5.6 is $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide through the App Store in the Education category. Star Walk for iPad - Interactive Astronomy Guide 5.5 is $4.99. Solar Walk and Geo Walk are $2.99.

Based in Alexandria, Virginia, Vito Technology Inc. is headed by CEO Victor Toporkov and has developed an impressive portfolio of products for Windows Mobile since it entered the mobile software market in 2001. The company's latest endeavors include iOS and Web 2.0 software development. Vito Technology won an Apple Design Award in 2010 for its Star Walk for iPad app. The company consists of two departments: Research & Development Department and Marketing Department with 30 employees in total. Copyright (C) 2001-2012 Vito Technology Inc. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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