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[] FourthFrame Technologies today introduces SG Project Pro 1.0 for Mac, the latest addition to their series of Simple Genius project management apps for Mac OS X and iOS. The Business app requires Mac OS X Lion and is the flagship version of their best-selling Simple Genius Apps Suite. SG Project Pro provides a novel, practical toolkit for project managers that is powerful and yet easy to use. Designed to help solve the real-world problems of today's managers, the app accommodates multiple, concurrent projects and complex combinations of team members through features currently unavailable in competing project management apps. SG Project Pro supports import and export of project files between the Mac platform and iOS mobile devices via Dropbox, email, or iTunes File Sharing.

Created by a veteran Project and Program Manager, SG Project Pro is built around a wide-screen Main window from which the user can view and coordinate all the details regarding both projects and the people working on them. The Main window consists of one fairly narrow column on the left and another on the right. The left column displays the Project List, while the right column shows the Person List. The large center view contains the Main Toolbar on top, the Main Content View beneath it, and the Item Detail View at the bottom. The resulting design is clean and reduces screen clutter, allowing for easy navigation and data visibility.

The Project List allows projects to be created, edited, or deleted and holds a vertically scrolling view of every project entered. Included are custom options for categorizing, grouping, and filtering out projects. For example, managers can group projects into "portfolios" and filter out "completed" projects. Clicking to select one or multiple projects controls the scope of what is shown in the large, Main Content View.

The Person List holds a scrolling list of all the individual team members attached to various projects. Similar in operation to the Project List, names can be input, edited, or deleted, and the custom option allows for categorizing, grouping, and filtering out people. For example, users can group people by "skill set" or by "location" and filter out "contractors." Clicking to select one or more people controls the scope of what is shown in the Main Content View.

Feature Highlights:
* Create projects and people using one click
* Quickly build and update task-based project schedules
* Manage Action Items and Risks for each project
* Group projects and people in ways that make sense for you
* Keep your team up-to-date with simple, powerful PDF reports
* Keep stakeholders up to date with reports designed for them
* Quickly view "what is happening this week" across all projects
* Manage team members effectively with targeted reports by person

SG Project Pro's Main Toolbar has just a few, but very important controls. The Focus buttons toggle the focus between Projects and People. There are Import and Export buttons, an overall status view in the center, and buttons to independently hide or show the Project and Person lists on either side of the window, devoting more screen real estate to the Main Content View.

In the center of the Main window is where most of the action takes place, the application's Main Content View. Using the set of tabs along the top, planners can select the data they want to display. The tab options are slightly different depending on whether the focus is on Projects or People. Just below the tabs, most of the subviews have a toolbar that applies to it exclusively. The toolbar typically has buttons on the left to add an item or delete the selected item(s), and buttons on the right for Help and for hiding/showing the Item Detail View.

Last, is the Item Detail View, which shows the detail for a single item when just one item is selected in the Main Content View. Most subviews within the Main Content View display a list of items, for example Tasks, Action Items, or Risks. Appropriate detail is displayed according to the type of item selected. For example, Risks have different details than Tasks. Each detail view has a set of tabs along the top to further organize the detail.

"With more than 40,000 paid downloads, SG Practical Management Apps for iOS are among the top selling project management apps on the App Store," stated Ty Jacobs of FourthFrame. "SG Project Pro for Mac is now the flagship product of the suite of apps, and includes advanced features which will assist every project manager and business owner in both their long term and day-to-day decisions."

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.7 or later
* 4.0 MB

Pricing and Availability:
SG Project Pro 1.0 is $99.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Business category. SG Project (similar to Pro but limited to viewing one project at a time, no action items, no risk management, and more limited reporting options) is $49.99 and is also available in the Business category.

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