Umotion 2D will be released on Friday February 3rd by NuOxygen

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[] Bologna, Italy - NuOxygen Game Publishing today is happy to announce the upcoming release of a new 2D animation tool called Umotion 2D that will be available Friday February 3rd. Using this tool you can easily create 2D animations and export them directly into Unity. Umotion 2D is a very fast tool and will save you a lot of memory, since you only need to work with the separate elements from your texture Atlas and not the whole animation sequence. Furthermore you can use Umotion 2D to resize complex 2D games using bigger 2D animations, with Unity for iPhone and iPad.

You can purchase Umotion 2D directly from NuOxygen's web site and you will receive the download link via email. Umotion 2D comes also with a demo version that you can try on both Mac and Windows. Together with Umotion 2D we provide also some tutorial videos and a short user guide.

Welcome to Umotion 2D, this is a tool designed to help you create animations and to export them directly into a graphical or videogame engine. When we designed Umotion 2D we wanted to make a tool that can be used for more general animation and not only for skeletal animations. As a matter of fact, with Umotion 2D you can easily produce skeletal, GUI and background animations. Most of you will probably think that the best way to create 2D animations is that of building a sprite sequence (or spritesheets) and you'd probably be right.

Creating animations using sprite sequences can be quick and easy, the artist needs only to give you the individual frames of the animation and that makes your life easy. But ... After a while you'll realize that using this technique the game needs a lot of memory, takes a lot of time and a lot of work. On top of that you will be dramatically limited in terms of animation complexity, and your project will be limited in character size.

This is where skeletal animation comes in; Skeletal animation and specifically Umotion 2D is a tool in computer animation in which a character is represented as a hierarchical set of interconnected bones or images. Composing different transformations on each image you will build different poses for the object of your animation. This process is very intuitive and the same technique can be used to control the deformation of any object, a GUI, a character or a background.

You can Think of Umotion 2D as a 3D tool highly optimized to manage 2D skeletal animations. In fact Umotion 2D exports the 3D animation data and texture Atlas optimized for 2D projects in Unity ( or other video game engines). Basically you can obtain similar results with an expert use of a highly expensive 3D packages. Umotion 2D avoids getting involved in the complex workflow that these tools require.

Umotion 2D is fast, easy to use and easy to learn. With Umotion 2D at $49 NuOxygen brings to you the perfect 2D Animation solution for your business. What can You do with Umotion 2D:

Load folders with the separated graphic elements ( even in different size ) created using a tool such as Photoshop or Flash (.jpeg or .png Files):

* Example for a character: Head, body, arms and legs (one leg or arm if you want to mirror it)
* Example for animated background: (background image and separate objects in movement)

Move the pivot for every elements:
* Change the layer priority
* Organize the element group

* In the working area you may rotate, move, zoom or mirror change the assignation of elements and change UV coordinates.
* Make keyframes and interpolations for all the animations (copy and Paste keyframes)
* Create Atlas automatically and export it pixel perfect
* Export the Script for Unity (Automatically with the atlas) to read the animation (export UV coordinates of the Atlas and all the animations)
* Within Unity assign the animation script and the Texture Atlas with separate UV to an empty object and use it as you want

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