Become America's 1st Social President with VoteMe for iOS

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[] Tallinn, Estonia - Bamboo Apps, a mobile app development firm focusing on lifestyle and entertainment solutions, is excited today to announce the launch of VoteMe for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch devices running on iOS 4.0 or later. VoteMe is a revolutionary new social gaming experience which lets users take a personal spin on the ongoing presidential elections by running for the title of America's first social president! Structured to be an effective social sharing platform, the app gives users easy access to make full profiles, create unique digital 'parties', add in back stories, and everything else involved in running a full presidential campaign! A wildly social spin getting people hyped about this year's campaign season by making them into the candidate, VoteMe is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for free in the Entertainment category.

Imagine what you would do if you could copy the presidential campaigns you watch unfolding on T.V., and transplant yourself into the candidate's place? VoteMe let's you answer exactly this question. Downloading the app, users can make full candidate profile for themselves including adding in full personal bios, mission statements, political views and more. Since the app is built for social connection your profile will be viewable by every other user active on the VoteMe mobile system!

This is much more than a politically themed popularity contest. VoteMe is a great place for people to share their ideas and ideals, connected with politically like minded people, and get the inside scoop on what it take to push a candidate from obscurity to widespread recognition. The awesome catch - this time around this candidate isn't some talking head on the news, it's you!

VoteMe is divided into different sections to make growing and organizing your social presidential campaign a breeze. There's a full 'promotions' department where users can enlist a virtual media director, give out support pins to show your followers you care, and more. Meanwhile, the app's feed section offers a live-updated ticker of what other candidates you're following are up to. You're even free to follow the real presidential candidates to. Don't sit back and watch the presidential race this year. Hop onto your iOS device and start your own bid for recognition and glory as you race to become America's first ever Social president on VoteMe!

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