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Write Emails on iPhone Faster with Wide Email 2.0

Washington, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA    Dec 18, 2008 in Productivity


To make writing emails on the iPhone easier and much quicker, LizzardWerks has released version 2.0 of Wide Email, a landscape email program for the iPhone and iPod touch. Version 2.0 improves Wide Email's "typing shortcuts" feature, making it possible to insert frequently used phrases, multiple lines, or even multiple paragraphs by tapping just a few letters - a feature sorely missed by people who switched from BlackBerry or WinMob to iPhone. Users can add and edit their own custom shortcuts.


[] Washington, DC - Newly released version 2.0 of Wide Email makes writing emails on your iPhone or iPod touch faster and easier. Wide Email lets users hold their iPhone sideways to type emails on the wider, landscape-mode keyboard - which is easier, faster, and more accurate to type on than the vertical keyboard in the iPhone's built-in email program. And now in version 2.0, LizzardWerks has added new features to Wide Email's time-saving "typing shortcuts."

With these shortcuts - or typing macros - users can now enter multiple lines of text, or even multiple paragraphs, by typing just a few letters. Customize these shortcuts by adding and editing your own for frequently used phrases. For example, typing "adr" could automatically insert a person's complete street address. Or "sig1" could instantly insert a personal email signature, while "sig2" inserts their work email signature. Professionals might add a shortcut so that typing "d" inserts the entire standard corporate disclaimer for their company.

Wide Email is the only landscape email program for the iPhone and iPod touch that has this killer time-saving feature. Former BlackBerry and Windows Mobile users who are "switchers" and who loved typing macros on their old phones will be glad to see typing shortcuts come to the iPhone.

Users can also instantly compose entire emails by using previously sent drafts, which Wide Email saves automatically, as templates or "stationary" for starting new emails. Version 2.0 now lets users selectively delete these sent drafts so they can keep only the ones they'll use again. These new features add to the other features in Wide Email, including unlimited saved drafts, full international character support, and auto-saving of drafts and sent drafts.


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