What can a corporate messenger do for you?

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[prMac.com] Eden Prairie, Kentucky - BigAntSoft introduces BigAnt messenger. Productivity is a constant concern for management and owners of businesses. Today more and more companies rely on specialized software and standard work flow to improve the daily productivity. What are the benefits to implant a corporate messenger in your office?

A corporate messenger like BigAnt messenger is a tool including the features of instant messaging, file transfer, group chat and other related features work for the office communication.

Firstly, when the company is going to release a new product, when there are some urgent decision needs to be made by multiple departments, in addition, almost every staff needs to chat with his/her colleague for a quick answer, the corporate messenger can handle all the communication related work.

Invite all the related people from different departments join the same discussion group, collect onions and make a quick discussion. The discussion record can be exported or printed as a backup of the conference.

Different to the traditional communication methods like email or phone call, chat through the corporate messenger eliminate the time lag, no need to wait when the phone line is busy, no size or type limitation when you need to attach a file with your email. What's more, the corporate messenger offers more value-added features to make the communication more smart and convenient.

For example, when you need to explain a question step-by-step, you can use the snapshot function provided in most of the corporate messengers in the market, text and callouts can be added to the snapshot to make things clear.

Secondly, different to a free public messenger, the corporate messenger will not allow people talk to friends, families during the work time. All the user accounts or we say, contact list of the corporate messenger will be controlled by the IT department. Everything happened through the corporate messenger will be recorded on the corporate messenger server. In this way, ensures a secure and private instant messaging network inside your office.

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