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[prMac.com] Science Park, Hong Kong - Joy Aether today introduces D33P 3D Social Albums 1.0 for iPad, their new, free Photography app that allows users to convert any photo into a 3D image on their iPad screen. Featuring advanced Stereoscopic 3D image analysis, the app synthesizes both left and right eye views, which can be viewed with red/cyan glasses or without glasses as an animated wigglegram. With integrated Internet connectivity, the app lets users select from any of their Facebook or Photo Library photos for 3D conversion. D33P (pronounced "deep") 3D Social Albums automatically performs single or batch conversions and can create custom slideshows of normal or 3D photos.

Stereoscopic or 3D images rely on the way the human brain interprets the offset between the views of the left and right eye. True 3D requires two lenses simultaneously capturing two nearly identical images to produce a 3D photo. Employing advanced Stereoscopic 3D image analysis from S Square System, Ltd., D33P 3D Social Albums actually synthesizes what a dual lens camera would have recorded. The conversion process exploits the latest advances in optics and image processing and uses the full computational power of the iPad.

Feature Highlights:
* Access and browse personal and friends' Facebook albums or the iPad Photo Album
* Convert any photograph into a 3D image (anaglyphic or wigglegram)
* Post interesting 3D photos to your public Facebook album
* Create custom slideshows with advanced transitions between normal or 3D photos
* Employs advanced Stereoscopic 3D image analysis from S Square System, Ltd.
* Enjoy remarkable, realistic 3D views with or without glasses

The app displays three different buttons for 3D conversion, including: anaglyphic, 8x wigglegram and 16x wigglegram. The anaglyphic option creates a still image that must be viewed through red/cyan glasses. The red lens over the left eye of the glasses allows the viewer to see only non-red details in the image. Similarly, the cyan gel in the right lens permits the viewer to see only non-cyan details in the image. The app, working with visual cues in the picture, synthesizes what each eye would have seen, and it then creates a picture where non-red and non-cyan details overlap each other to generate a stereoscopic effect.

Much more recent and viewable without glasses is the wigglegram, which is an animated view of a photo where left and right-eye views are rapidly alternated, producing a startlingly realistic 3D effect. In the same way that the brain creates smooth motion from a succession of images in a movie theater (48 images at 24 fps), the brain creates a 3D image from 8 or 16 different images in a wigglegram movie (6, 12, or 60 fps). At its highest level of quality (16 images at 60 fps), the app calculates 8 left-view images, which are each increasingly offset, as well as 8 different right-view images. The high frame rate animation moves smoothly between extreme left and extreme right views several times each second, and the brain interprets these dual views as stereoscopy. There is movement in the animation that creates the "wiggle," but that which is moving is not the object, but the viewer's angle on the object.

Operation of D33P 3D Social Albums is simple, and the app displays several album icons on its home screen, including: the user's various Facebook albums, the user's local iPad albums, the Facebook albums of the user's friends, and an album that stores Converted 3D photos. Swipe and pinch gestures move and enlarge photos, and viewers can browse through photos one at a time with an arrow button. Normal or 3D slideshows can be set up easily with seven different transitions and intervals of three to six seconds. The app supports sharing via Facebook or email and performs individual or batch processing of 3D photos.

"D33pify your favorite photos with D33P 3D Social Albums," urged Ricky Lui of Joy Aether. "This free app produces amazing results, creating a real 'you are there' 3D effect."

Device Requirements:
* iPad or iPad 2
* Requires iOS 4.3 or later (iOS 5 tested)
* 14.5 MB

Pricing and Availability:
D33P 3D Social Albums 1.0 for iPad is free (ad-supported) and available in the App Store in the Photo & Video category. Review copies are available on request.

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